Vidianto Victorious in Denver

Grand Prix Denver was an unusual event. A game loss given to Luis Scott-Vargas may be the rules story of the weekend.

But it was a single 1/1 white Spirit token with flying that surprised us all in the end.

Spirit Token

Vidianto Wijaya and his Esper Stoneblade deck fought through an uphill battle against back-to-back Jund decks, piloted by masters in their own right Joshua Ravitz and Patrick Cox. Vidianto's timely Perish pulled victory from the jaws of defeat by Joshua, and that solitary Spirit clinched the third game of the finals against Patrick.

What else made the Top 8?

While BUG may have fallen flat in solidifying itself as "the menace" in the format, it's clear Deathrite Shaman will continue to deliver as a Turn 1 play of choice. To dive deeper into the details, including metagame breakdowns and deck techs, head over to the official Grand Prix Denver Coverage on