Planeswalker Points Achievements and Badges

Planeswalkers Points are getting even better, thanks to the new Achievement and Badge rewards available now. Dave Guskin shares all the gory details in today's announcement, but the key process is already active:

Systems Are Go

So here is the full picture—we want a system that rewards players for doing cool things, not just winning, and we want them to be able to share the story of those accomplishments with their friends. Here's how we built that system:

  • When you play in events, we pay attention to a lot of things other than winning—cool formats, "sub-goal" accomplishments like Top 8s, long-term participation, and much more.
  • You receive achievements on the PWP site for these things.
  • You can then take the achievements you like the most and arrange them on your personal Scorecard, and let everyone know how awesome you are.

We hope this system will both allow players of all levels to enjoy playing the game (as opposed to just focus on winning at the expense of game play), and we hope that it will encourage existing players to stretch a little into exploring the bounds of Magic and maybe find more fun along the way.

Unlike PWP as a whole, achievements won't be retroactive. That means that you won't get achievements for your activity in the past, but you can start earning achievements right away.

How It Works

When you visit the website and log in, you'll see there's a new Achievements Beta tab available. In addition, your home page has been augmented with a new achievements tracker.

When you earn new achievements, the badge you've earned will show up both on your home page and in the Achievements Beta tab. You'll also be able to adjust your Planeswalker Points Scorecard to personalize what achievements are displayed when you share it or another user visits your page. You can click on any badge for any achievement to see a full art treatment along with a description of how to earn it.

There are already several features active for those willing to earn them, such as Format Novice/Format Adept/Format Master achievements for playing in 3, 5, or every format, as well as an awesome badge for making the Top 8 of a Pro Tour Qualifier or a Pro Tour itself:



Once you're up to speed with the latest update, share your thoughts with those developing these new features on Twitter with the #pwpts hastag!