Premier Play for Magic in 2013

With continuous feedback for changes and enhancements to Magic's Organized Play, each year continues to deliver a better experience for players worldwide.

In today's announcement by Helene Bergeot, 2013 is bringing some sought-after improvements:

  • The World Magic Cup will have player eligibility minimums to host an event, and...
  • these events will be promoted and supported significantly more, starting with a unique card for each qualifying attendee.
  • Next's year's World Magic Cup will be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • The FNM Championship series will be discontinued after the 2012 event at GenCon this year.
  • The first three months of 2013s Grand Prix schedule will be announced during the live coverage of this year's World Magic Cup.
  • The 2013 Pro Tour locations were announced:
Event Location Dates Format
Pro Tour Gatecrash Montreal, Quebec Feb. 15-17 Standard / Gatecrash Booster Draft
Pro Tour "Sinker" San Diego, California May 17-19       Return to Ravnica Block Constructed /
"Sinker"/Gatecrash/Return to Ravnica Booster Draft
2013 World Magic Cup Amsterdam, Netherlands Aug. 2-4 Mixed
Pro Tour "Friends" Dublin, Ireland Oct. 11-13 Modern / "Friends" Booster Draft

You can read her complete announcement in today's Feature Article on!