Ryan Hare is Verdant and Victorious in Pittsburgh!

The story of Standard after Pro Tour Aether Revolt was about the perceived dominance of Mardu Vehicles. The Red-White-Black deck dominated the Top 8 last Sunday and going into Grand Prix Pittsburgh the question was whether or not the deck could keep its foot on the gas.

The field came prepared, however, and the Top 8 only featured two copies of Mardu Vehicles - one in the hands of Finalist Bronson Gervasi. The story of this Sunday was the emergence of Black-Green decks. Five of the decks in the elimination rounds paired Swamps and Forests. Some were focused on Delirium, others on Energy. All of them featured [card]Winding Constrictor/card]. Eventual champion Ryan Hare's deck did not have any subthemes but it had the right cards to seal the deal in three games.

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