New Experiences Coming to Local Game Stores

Today, Vice President of Global Brand Strategy and Marketing Elaine Chase revealed in-store promotions for 2017. Based on the success of in-store Kaladesh events, Chase says, "2017 is going to be a year of trying new things for our in-store play—a year of innovating, of experimenting, and of pushing the envelope for in-store offerings."

League play will continue with Aether Revolt and Amonkhet. The popular Standard Showdown has influenced the start of a Standard Series, where Standard tournaments will count towards a seasonal total with prizes coming after participating in six events. April 15th will see stores host a Magic Open House, designed for casual play and introducing new players to Magic. The Open House will offer promotional full art lands for "digital" participation.

As Magic continues to grow it is heartening to see increased support for local play. Are you planning on playing in these events? Sound off below!

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