Update on Magic Digital Next

Since Chris Cocks has taken over Wizards of the Coast and the announced focus on the digital realm the Magic community has been on edge with regards to Magic Digital Next. Would this be a replacement for Duels, Magic Online, or both? What would this new project look like.

We have our first trickle of information today. Jeffrey Steefel, the director of the digital studio, made a brief announcement today. Magic Digital Next is not a program but rather "is Wizards' internal umbrella term for the entire landscape for Magic: The Gathering experiences around digital games." Steefel goes on to mention the following as some current areas of focus:

  • Upgrading to state-of-the-art back-end technology and systems to sustain and constantly improve digital and tabletop experiences;
  • Improving and expanding the way you play the Magic trading card game digitally;
  • Dreams of delivering deep gameplay experiences in Magic worlds and fiction on diverse gaming platforms and genres.
  • This article went live shortly after Twitter user Mishra's Photoshop posted the following images that may hint at a new platform.

    Details on these efforts are still scarce. The next platform has not been announced but from the announcement it sounds like Magic Online is getting reenforced rather than replaced.

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