Cuneo Froehlich and Stark win Grand Prix Mexico City

One week after Team Unified Modern in San Antonio the Grand Prix circuit took players to Mexico City to try their hands at Team Limited. Only one team made it through Day One unscathed and it was helmed by Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar champion Kazuyuki Takimura and featured his countrymen Toru Inoue and Shota Takao. They were one of only 40 teams to make Day Two.

With such a small player pool it was no surprise to see some of the games' best at the top tables. The Top 4 included the aforementioned Japanese team and these three squads:

  • Andrew Cuneo, Eric Froehlich, and Ben Stark
  • Jon Stern, Greg Ogreenc, and Stephen Neal
  • Jacob Wilson, Matthew Nass, and Sam Pardee
  • Takimura's team met their end at the hands of Wilson, Nass, and Pardee who then squared off against the squad featuring two Hall of Famers in the finals. At the end of the day the powerhouse team of Andrew Cuneo, Eric Froehlich, and Ben Stark emerged with the trophy.

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