Grand Prix Las Vegas results and news

Grand Prix Vegas is more than just three massive tournaments. The event is a true gathering on Magic players. The weekend is also acting as the kick off for Hour of Devastation spoiler season. New mechanics share the stage with new champions, all in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada.

Modern was the final component of the triumvirate that was Grand Prix Las Vegas. Over 3,260 players came to battle but in the end it was Mani Davoudi with format stable Affinity taking home the trophy. Affinity was in an odd spot this weekend, shifting from villain to hero as it was not Death's Shadow, a deck considered by many to be the best in the format.

Amonkhet Limited was the second Grand Prix on the schedule in Las Vegas. The Top 8 was a star studded affair with players like Andrew Cuneo, Sam Pardee, and Mike Sigrist making it to Sunday. The finals saw Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad Champion Steve Rubin square off against Pro Tour Top 8 competitor Thiago Saporito. Rubin fell in three games and Saporito found himself with anther trophy on his shelf.

Legacy was the first of the three Grand Prix to start and the first to finish. 2,656 players came to play in one of Magic's oldest formats, made fresh again by the banning of Sensei's Divining Top. In the end, however, it was an old standard in Death & Taxes, a creature based White deck, standing at the apex of the Top 8. Andrew Calderon took the deck to the promised land after defeated Blue-Red Delver in the finals.

The Hour of Devastation promos and Planeswalker Decks have also been revealed. First up, the Planeswalker decks and their associated Planeswalkers. These two cards will be legal in Standard at the same time as Hour of Devastation.

Participating in Draft Weekend nets you a Ramunap Excavator. The Buy-a-Box promo is Wildfire Eternal. The new mechanic Afflict causes an opponent to lose life equal to its Afflict number if the creature with Afflict is blocked.

The Game Day promo is Abrade while the Top 8 promo is Adorned Pouncer. Eternalize is a mechanic akin to Embalm. However, instead of being a White Zombie the creature token is Black and is a 4/4 instead of replicating the original creature's power and toughness.

And here is the Game Day winner playmat:

Hour of Devastation is now available for preorder at!