Kenta Harane wins the Japan National Championship!

After a prolonged absence, National tournaments are back! These tournaments determine who will join the Top Pro Point earner from each country at the World Magic Cup and bestow the title of National Champion. The first of these tournaments to be streamed took place in Japan.

The Japan National Championship has a history of being a hot bed for innovation and new technology that would shape other National Championships. In 2017, a spicy bit of tech helped to determine who would be joining Yuuya Wantanabe (who also made Top 8) at the World Magic Cup. The finals pitted Hall of Famer Shota Yasooka on Temur Energy against Kenta Harane on 4 Color Energy - a similar deck that added Black for The Scarab God. Harane's extra tech helped him earn the title of National Champion in three games.

The Japanese National Team will feature captain Yuuya Wantanabe, Japanese National Champion Kenta Harane, and Hall of Famer Shota Yasooka. They are sure to be one of the teams to beat at the World Magic Cup.

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