Pro Club Updates and 25th Anniversary Pro Tour Info

Today Elaine Chase provided more information on professional Magic for the 2018 calendar year. Between the prize pool update and changes to the way the seasons work it appears Wizards is eager to raise the profile of the game next year.

The 25th Anniversary Pro Tour, taking place in Minneapolis, is shaping up to be an event like none other in Magic's history. The main event will award $850,000 in prizes with $150,000 going to the winning team. This tournament was advertised with a million dollar purse and the $150,00 will be awarded at an exhibition event.

The qualification system for the 25th Anniversary Pro Tour is slightly different than normal. Players can qualify via the Pro Tour Team Series (with members of their team), qualifying by Grand Prix, Sunday PTQs at Grand Prix, or the regular RPTQ system. Of note: members of the Hall of Fame can qualify via the RPTQ system but if they choose to do so they will forfeit their Hall of Fame Invite. If players qualify as an individual (through Pro Club status, the Hall of Fame, or a finish at Pro Tour Dominaria, they can team up with other players who qualified as individuals.

Speaking of the Pro Club, a change to the number of events that count per cycle was also announced. After feedback from various professional players, the number of events counted was raised from three to four. This was designed to lessen the "feast or famine" for some geographic regions. As a result, the number of Pro Points awarded at the 2017 World Championship will be raised.

The 2017 World Chamionship is right around the corner, taking place October 6-8 in Boston. The 2018 edition of the tournament will be taking place in Las Vegas September 22-23. 2018 The Pro Tour Team Series finals will also take place that weekend.

The article has more details, including prize and Pro Point payout. 2018 is looking to be a banner year for Professional Magic and launch the game into its next quarter century.

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