Changes to Magic Online Redemption

For as long as most of us can remember, Magic Online has offered redemption of online sets for paper sets. This meant that if you collected a full set of Return to Ravnica or Scars of Mirrodin or any other current set on Magic Online, you could pay $5 in handling plus a shipping fee to trade the digital set for a paper set. That's about to change.

Fast forward to 2013 and we see Magic: The Gathering continuing to grow in global popularity. With this growth, however, the costs associated with printing, processing, shipping, and the general administration of the Magic Online Redemption Program have increased to the point at which we must make a change.

Starting with the Gatecrash redemption release in March, and for every redemption release thereafter, the handling cost for set redemption will be increasing to from $5 to $25 per set redeemed. We will not be changing the redemption rates for Return to Ravnica or older sets, nor will we be changing the current shipping rates.

For more information on this change, head over to the Chris Kiritz's official announcement on