Gatecrash Q&A Video Posted

Last week, Wizards hosted a Google+ hangout where members of the Gatecrash design and development teams spent about an hour taking questions from we, the players and fans. Fortunately for anyone who missed the event, the stream has been posted on YouTube.

Check out the interview with co-lead designer Mark Rosewater, lead developer Dave Humphereys, and Magic Brand team member Jon Hickey for an interesting perspective on how Gatecrash came to be!

How are Magic cards made?

  • What is the role of Design?
  • What is the role of Development after the set is passed off?

Guild Mechanics

  • How were the mechanics designed?
  • How did the mechanics change in development?
  • Did R&D design the guilds to be played together, particularly in limited?
  • What are the guilds' weaknesses?

The Employee Prerelease

  • What guild did you play at the employee Gatecrash prerelease?
  • What is your favorite guild combination?
  • What card was the best for you during the prerelease?
  • What is your favorite card in the set?

Designing Specific Cards

  • Is there a different team or process for designing cards for Commander? (referring to the Primordial cycle, such as Diluvian Primordial)
  • How were the Charms (Boros Charm, etc.) designed and balanced?
  • How do you choose cards to reprinted?
  • How were the guild Legends designed?
  • How do they choose what hate cards  need to be designed? (Battlefield Medic, Glaring Spotlight)

Overarching Design Questions

  • How did you handle the continuity between Ravnica: City of Guilds and Return to Ravnica?
  • How is designing for a world with guild restrictions different than for an open world? Which is easier?