Lunar Affinity

Affinity has been one of the most format-defining decks in Modern since its inception. The speed with which Affinity can pressure your life total via both damage and Infect is astonishing; as is its ability to fight through both spot removal and sweepers, thanks to instant-speed pump effects like Cranial Plating and Arcbound Ravager and resilient threats like Blinkmoth Nexus and Inkmoth Nexus. That said, Affinity can struggle somewhat with decks that are prepared to fight against a horde of small robots. Control decks and combo decks can be somewhat problematic for typical builds, but there’s always a new angle to attack from:

Blood Moon
Blood Moon is one of the cards in Modern that is best capable of ending a game before it really starts. It’s also one of the best ways to fight against the greedy midrange, control, and combo decks that can prey on Affinity’s need to assemble multiple cards in order to really do anything effective. It turns out that it’s awfully hard to resolve the likes of Supreme Verdict and Kolaghan’s Command through a Blood Moon. That’s especially true when you can resolve this haymaker on the second turn of the game thanks to Mox Opal and Springleaf Drum.

That’s not the only dimension that Blood Moon adds to this deck. It also adds another haymaker that your opponent has to deal with: Arcbound Ravager and Steel Overseer. Now they have to worry about the two of those as well as Cranial Plating and Blood Moon. This leads to some very interesting questions about how to sequence your threats depending on what kind of interaction your opponent is representing.

If you’re an Affinity player that’s looking for a new way to get an edge, this seems like a great way to do it. You’ll pick up plenty of free wins against various three-color or Tron variants, and Blood Moon will frequently buy you an extra turn or two of attacks against two-color decks as well.

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