Spirited Competition

Let’s talk about Seance. Seance is a card that has inspired speculation and brewing like few other cards in recent memory. Despite that, it has few competitive results to its name it any format. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen anyone try to make Seance happen, but Zac Elsik may well have figured it out:

The idea here is relatively straightforward. You want to spend the early turns casting value creatures, stocking your graveyard, and setting up your mana. Depending on what the matchup is, you’re going to be prioritizing different kinds of effects. Against more combo- and control-oriented decks, you’ll likely be trying to use as many Fulminator Mages as possible. Against more aggressive decks, maybe Shriekmaw gets it done. Against aggressive decks, you’ve got Lone Missionary and Siege Rhino.

Everything changes once you resolve a Seance. Seance lets you kick into high gear and start wearing your opponent down. Whatever good things you were doing before, now you get to start doing them turn after turn, burying your opponent in value while ensuring that they never cast another spell.

The strength of this deck is that, unlike many others, you have the full complement of Eternal Witness. Even if you can’t find a Seance to really turn on your deck, Witness is a card that lets you utilize your Commune with the Gods and Satyr Wayfinders as a pseudo toolbox. Even if your have Seance going, sometimes you don’t want to exile your best singletons; it may be the case that you’d like to Eternal Witness them back a couple times to maximize the number of triggers you can get.

If you’re looking for a wacky value deck that you can easily customize for your local metagame, this seems like a fantastic choice. Depending on what you expect to face, you can easily shift around the numbers of cards like Lone Missionary, Sin Collector, Orzhov Pontiff, or even Entomber Exarch to make sure that your maindeck value creatures are especially effective against the decks you expect to see most often.

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