Fog of War

At some point in every Standard format, Turbofog happens. Sometimes, the fog decks are driven by Howling Mines and Dictate of Kruphix. Other times, it’s by Time Warps or Urban Evolutions. Regardless of the supporting cast, there are some players who just always want to make sure that this happens. With Ixalan on the horizon, YamiJoey was able to put together this crazy concoction:

Haze of Pollen
This deck is very interesting for a number of reasons. This deck is missing a lot of the pieces of a traditional turbofog deck. There’s not a ton of early mana acceleration in the format. There aren’t even a lot of Fogs in the format. Despite the relatively low density of tools, YamiJoey has made this work.

The idea is that Fevered Visions does double duty against both aggressive and control decks. In aggro matchups, it ensures that you keep hitting land drops and finding Fogs. Against control decks, it’s a win condition that comes down early and makes it easier for you to find the lands and counterspells to force through more cards that will get your opponent dead.

The other key card? Bounty of the Luxa. This card gives you mana that you can spend on your own turn for cards like the Memory half of Commit // Memory, Fumigate, or Fevered Visions, while still leaving up plenty of interaction or Fogs for your opponent’s turn. Memory is particularly important as a way of rebuying all of your Fogs and sweepers, increasing the density of cards in your deck that let you keep the chain going.

Your goal is to string together enough Fogs and card drawing spells to find the singleton copy of Approach of the Second Sun. Ideally you’ll have enough mana on your next turn or two to cantrip your way into approach to win on the spot, but even if you don’t, your Fogs should buy you enough time to get it done.

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