Token Defiance

Anointed Procession is one of the most exciting cards to come out of Amonkhet. That’s not because it’s been breaking Standard, but because of the potential it represents. As long as Anointed Procession is in the format, there’s always something bigger you could be doing. If you expect the format to be largely comprised of aggressive decks and midrange variants early on, then it seems like a perfect time to try to play an attrition deck that gets exponentially bigger given enough time:

Abzan Tokens - Ixalan Standard | Julian_Brandmaier, 5-0 Standard League

Hidden Stockpile
Hidden Stockpile is the heart of this deck. Your goal is to resolve one early on in the game and then trigger it every turn for the rest of the game. Stockpile gives you steady stream of blockers to buy time against aggressive decks and scry triggers to set up your gameplan against slower opponents. Add an Anointed Procession or additional Stockpiles to the mix and suddenly you’re netting tokens each turn instead of staying at parity. Against aggressive decks, you can even have an Anointer Priest to start netting life.

As far as new cards go, the easy additions are Legion’s Landing and Vraska, Relic Seeker. Legion’s Landing is trivial to flip in this deck, and the ability to start pumping out lifelink tokens is a big deal. Vraska, on the other hand, is a great curve-topper that can hit any pesky creatures or vehicles, or start cranking out Pirates that are difficult to block.

One of the big problems for this deck is that it’s lost the straightforward avenues to victory. Suddenly Ormendahl isn’t an option, and there’s no Cryptolith Rite to let you start doing enormous things. Instead, this deck leans on ultimating Vraska or grinding away by activating Adanto, the First Fort or Oketra the True.

If you want to play a synergy-based deck that can go bigger than everything else in the format, this is a great place to start. The density of effects that do what you want isn’t quite what it was, and the loss of Clues is a pretty big deal. However, there are lots of ways to trigger Hidden Stockpile and plenty of tokens to try doubling. I don’t know if this style of deck will ever take off, but I certainly hope we get to see more of it in this Standard than we did in the previous format.

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