Floch Champion in Lisbon

Laying down the law!

1,300 players showed up to compete in the last European Grand Prix of 2012. After fifteen rounds of Return to Ravnica Limited and three elimination rounds, it was former Team World Champion Ivan Floch who emerged victorious. Floch had drafted a UWR tempo deck featuring Supreme Verdict, and aggressive Detain creatures.

The Top 8 and Top 16 for this event featured a number of the Grand Prix warriors and European superstars, including two-time Grand Prix Lisbon Top 8 Competitor Helder Carvalho as well as Martin Juza and Shuhei Nakamura, both of whom narrowly missed the cut for Top 8.

Check out the deck Ivan drafted before your next Return to Ravnica Draft, and be sure to check out some of the other successful decks on the Official Coverage.