Organized Play in 2013

A number of exciting Organized Play announcements were including in Helene Bergeot's article on today.

The most exciting of these is the release of the full Grand Prix schedule for 2013, a new promotional card for Grand Prix participants, and an update to the invitation structure at Grand Prix events. The Grand Prix promotional card for events between December 22, 2012 and June 15, 2012 will be Primeval Titan. Additionally, starting with Grand Prix Indianapolis, Pro Tour invites and airfare will be extended to all Top 8 competitors for Grand Prix with 1,200 or more players. Check out awesome Primeval Titan promo and find some events near you:


Grand Prix IndianapolisDecember 22-23, 2012Return to Ravnica Limited
Grand Prix DenverJanuary 5-6, 2013Legacy
Grand Prix Atlantic CityJanuary 12-13, 2013Standard
Grand Prix SingaporeJanuary 12-13, 2013Return to Ravnica Limited
Grand Prix BilbaoJanuary 19-20, 2013Modern
Grand Prix SydneyJanuary 19-20, 2013Return to Ravnica Limited
Grand Prix LondonFebruary 9-10, 2013Gatecrash Limited
Pro Tour Gatecrash in MontrealFebruary 15-17, 2013Standard / Booster Draft
Grand Prix Quebec CityFebruary 23-24, 2013Standard
Grand Prix CharlotteFebruary 23-24, 2013Gatecrash Limited
Grand Prix YokohamaMarch 2-3, 2013Gatecrash Limited
Grand Prix VeronaMarch 9-10, 2013Standard
Grand Prix Rio de JaneiroMarch 9-10, 2013Standard
Grand Prix San DiegoMarch 16-17, 2013Modern
Grand Prix UtrechtMarch 16-17, 2013Gatecrash Team Limited
Grand Prix PittsburghMarch 23-24, 2013Gatecrash Limited
Grand Prix StrasbourgApril 13-14, 2013Legacy
Grand Prix PortlandMay 11-12, 2013Modern
Grand Prix BeijingMay 11-12, 2013Return to Ravnica Block Limited
Pro Tour Dragon's Maze in San DiegoMay 17-19, 2013Block Constructed / Booster Draft
Grand Prix GuadalajaraMay 25-26, 2013Standard
Grand Prix ProvidenceJune 8-9, 2013Return to Ravnica Block Team Limited
Grand Prix GothenburgJune 8-9, 2013Return to Ravnica Block Limited
Grand Prix HoustonJune 15-16, 2013Return to Ravnica Block Limited
Grand Prix Las VegasJune 22-23, 2013Modern Masters Limited
Grand Prix BangkokJune 22-23, 2013Return to Ravnica Block Limited
Grand Prix MiamiJune 29-30, 2013Standard
Grand Prix Kansas CityJuly 6-7, 2013Modern
Grand Prix CalgaryJuly 27-28, 2013Standard
Grand Prix RiminiJuly 27-28, 2013
Magic 2014
World Championship in AmsterdamJuly 31-August 4, 2013Mixed
World Magic Cup in AmsterdamAugust 2-4, 2013Mixed
Grand Prix WarsawAugust 10-11, 2013Standard
Grand Prix KitakyushuAugust 24-25, 2013Standard
Grand Prix OaklandAugust 24-25, 2013
Magic 2014
Grand Prix PragueAugust 31-September 1, 2013
Magic 2014
Grand Prix DetroitSeptember 14-15, 2013Modern
Grand Prix Oklahoma CityOctober 5-6, 2013"Friends" Limited
Grand Prix BrisbaneOctober 5-6, 2013Modern
Pro Tour "Friends" in DublinOctober 11-13, 2013Modern / Booster Draft
Grand Prix LouisvilleOctober 19-20, 2013Standard
Grand Prix Hong KongOctober 19-20, 2013"Friends" Limited
Grand Prix AntwerpOctober 26-27, 2013Modern
Grand Prix SantiagoNovember 2-3, 2013Standard
Grand Prix ValenciaNovember 9-10, 2013"Friends" Limited
Grand Prix Washington D.C.November 16-17, 2013Legacy
Grand Prix AlbuquerqueNovember 23-24, 2013Standard
Grand Prix KyotoNovember 23-24, 2013"Friends" Team Limited
Grand Prix TorontoNovember 30-December 1, 2013"Friends" Limited
Grand Prix ViennaNovember 30-December 1, 2013Standard


In addition to these changes at the Grand Prix level, there have been bonuses added to the prize structure of Pro Tour Qualifiers. First, Top 8 Competitors will receive a Top 8 playmat which will be available globally. Second, Pro Tour Qualifier winners will recieve 1,000 Planeswalker Points in lieu of being able to compete in subsequent Qualifiers.


Finally, there are exciting changes to the World MagicCup and the Magic Players Championship. The Magic Players Championship has been renamed the Magic World Championship, and the winner will be the Magic World Champion, while the Player of the Year title will go to the player who earns the most Pro Points. The most exciting part of this announcement is that both the Magic World Championship and the World Magic Cup will both be held in Amsterdam on five consecutive days starting July 31.

To get the whole story, check out Helene Bergeot's article on