Cast through Time #21 – 2012 Already?

What an interesting week. People are still talking a lot about the recent ban of Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Stoneforge Mystic, and some people are overjoyed, while others are furious. Sound off in the comments if you guys have anything left to say about Wizards’ decision.

Meanwhile, let’s tune in.

Format Staples

Format staples are my favorite shows and the shows I believe are the most important for someone interested in Magic: The Gathering and podcasts to be listening to week in and week out. You want these in your 75.

CommanderCast #32 – Evil Deeds
Running time 1 hour 41 minutes

  • This week, Andy, Donovan, Adam, and Don discuss mono-Black as a Commander strategy in their continuing series on monocolored decks.
  • Community Segment: Free-for-All Roundtable
    • The guys discuss the balance between diversity and power, meaning, is it better to diversify your decks with more unique card choices or to completely power up each deck in an effort to win every game? Too often, giving a deck as much power as possible results in deck lists looking the same from person to person.
  • Community Segment: Leaning on Your Group
    • Once a playgroup has found a rhythm and gotten comfortable with the metagame it has created, is it okay to introduce new elements like land destruction, poison, etc. simply to shake things up?
  • Strategy: Mono-Black
    • The bulk of the show is spent on this week’s color of the week: Black. Learn all about playing mono-Black in Commander.
  • Technology
    • Because the men of CommanderCast are skillful and thorough, they each provide a handful of picks for your new mono-Black Commander deck.
  • Secret Tech: Don Edition
  • Don provides his secret Commander tech: three commons, three uncommons, and three rares.

CrazyTalk #16 – A Knowledgeless Fool and an Unarmed Man
Running time 2 hours 28 minutes

  • The whole CrazyTalk team is in the house this week. KYT, Alex, Frank, and Jonathan set aside an episode to focus on listener questions.
  • As penance for missing a few episodes over the last few weeks, Jonathan has his chance to answer “The Five.”
    • How did you get into Legacy?
      • While living in Vermont, the store where Jonathan learned to play had a greater focus on Legacy (as opposed to Standard) and so that is the format that Medina focused on initially.
    • What is your favorite Magic card?
    • What do you want to be known for in the Magic community?
      • Jonathan wants to be known for being a laid-back, easy-to-get-along-with kind of guy. His image on Twitter and in the Magic community in general is that of a somewhat boisterous and cocky kind of guy, but that persona isn’t necessarily the truth.
      • As I said on Twitter to him today, no one in MtG has swagger like Medina has swagger. Jonathan’s point in answering this question is that this is not actually the case. Besides, we all know that Mike Flores has more swagger than anyone in MtG.
    • If you were going to get into a bar fight, which member of the Magic community would you want to have your back?
      • Patrick Chapin
    • What’s the craaaziest thing you’ve ever done?
      • The story can’t be told on-air without incriminating family members, but it involves a crossbow.
      • He does end up telling a story about driving a few hours to meet a girl he initially met online.
    • While this episode had some high points and some interesting tidbits in response to listener questions, a large portion of the mailbag segment fell flat for some reason.
    • So from roughly the twenty-minute mark through the two-hour point of the show, I’d say if you guys really love CrazyTalk, listen in for sure, but if you decide to sit out one episode of the show out, this would be an okay one to miss.
    • Once the mailbag portion of the show is wrapped up, the guys discuss a Legacy Merfolk deck, which ran two Phyrexian Metamorph, placing third at SCG Open: Baltimore.

    The Eh Team #42 – Jay Approved M12 Spoilers
    Running time 1 hour 30 minutes

    • Another solid episode from the boys of The Eh Team. This week, KYT, Jesse, Scott, and Jay bring us their thoughts on Magic 2012 spoilers.
    • In addition to M12 talk, Jesse discusses his latest deck creation, which he won a Standard Daily Event with.

    Limited Resources #88 – Overrunning on Empty
    Running time 1 hour 34 minutes

    • Marshall is back this week with his special guest Kenji Egashira, a player who is very active in Marshall’s area and on MTGO.
    • Marshall and Kenji give a great general discussion of a few Limited concepts, including playing aggro strategies and correct sideboarding.
    • Finally, the guys discuss a few Magic 2012 spoilers and begin thinking about what the Limited format will look like.

    The Magic Show #235 – M12 Spoiler Time
    Running time 11 minutes

    • Evan Erwin has his very own Magic 2012 spoiler this week: Grand Abolisher. What a doozy this card is.
      • Grand Abolisher {W}{W}
        Creature – Human Cleric
        During your turn, your opponents can’t cast spells or activate abilities of artifacts, creatures, or enchantments.
    • Evan also reviews the new planeswalkers in Magic 2012: Jace, Memory Adept, Garruk, Primal Hunter, and Chandra, the Firebrand.
    • In discussing the new Jace, Evan also gives us a peak at a few cards which were pulled from some XML files found in the coding of Duels of the Planeswalkers which are rumored to be from Innistrad.

    Magic TV #94 – Magic 2012 Spoilers, Vol. 1
    Running time 18 minutes

    • Tristan Shaun Gregson and Luis Scott-Vargas sit down to discuss the spoilers of Magic 2012.

    Magic TV Top 8 of the Week: Best Gold Cards
    Running time 10 minutes

    The Third Power #16 – The Community Cube
    Running time 1 hour 54 minutes

    • Show notes:
      • In this episode of The Third Power, Usman and Anthony return from the grave to do a podcast with Adam Styborski about the Community Cube. Listen to hear about this awesome community-driven project (and to hear Usman say ‘like’ about 9999 times!)

    Untapped #15 – Jackhammers in Flight
    Running time 1 hour 46 minutes

    • Trick and Frank are joined by Brian David Marshall this week.
    • The guys discuss the banning of Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Stoneforge Mystic, Innistrad, Magic 2012, and a host of other topics.
    • Brian David Marshall is always interesting to listen to, and this podcast is no exception.

    The Sideboard

    The Sideboard includes shows that may or may not record every week but are quality podcasts that you may be interested in. At a minimum, I will provide the show notes, but in the case of better-than-usual episodes will provide recap or commentary. You don’t run them in every deck, but they are often a great metagame call.

    AvantCard Show #39 – M12 Spoilers, Commander Decks, and Andrew Gets Excited!
    Running time 2 hours 16 minutes

    • Show notes:
      • Listen as we start the show with Andrew very unimpressed by M12, through our specific brand of semi-Magic-related content until the crescendo of Andrew being actually excited about the set. I think Debbie slipped him something in his Cheerwine to get him more excited about the set—but our CSI lab hasn’t turned up anything. We talk about the new Commander decks and the benefits of leaving them unaltered. We also touch on what would happen to Commander if it were a sanctioned format. Also listen to the shocking fact that Debbie is doing two Magic-related things in one week! In Portland, Oregon! We’re truly a nationwide podcast.

    The Djinn’s Playground #26 – Sword of Djinn and Tonic
    Running time 47 minutes

    • Show notes:
      • In this Edition of the Playground….
      • She blinded me with…Xyience!!!
      • In Memoriam: Jace and Mystic
      • Magic Superiority and Kettlebells
      • Obv it’s the M12 Spoiler packed with Action, Value, and Stone Blades. Obv.
      • Playground News and Community Calendar
      • Shout Outs!

    Dredging For Humor #16 – The Clean Armando
    Running time 1 hour 6 minutes

    • Show notes:
      • It was a dark time for the rebellion. After many long rounds of struggle shuffling and with Jace, the Mind Sculptor being thrown down the convenient emperor removal shaft into the core of the rebuilt Myr Battlesphere, our hero, Melira, finally has time to explore her incestuous feelings about her elfin half-brother, Ezuri. Meanwhile, in Cloud Spirit City, Landrop Calrisian is tricking his friend and his furry companion into playing a new version of commander. I have a bad feeling about this.

    East West Draft Cast #19 – The Professional Look
    Running time 1 hour 10 minutes

    • Show notes:
      • This week on EWDC Jeff and Greg bring you more pick-a-card and spend some time looking over the top 8 decklists from GP KC. Check it out!

    Forcespikes #23 – Survival of the Caleb
    Running time 59 minutes

    • Show notes:
      • This episode our heros are joined by The MAXX, Judge Jerret, and Caleb Durward. We start off the show by giving Caleb some time to introduce himself and give his story, then go right into standard, what post July 1st will look like, GPKC, limited, and some other good stuff. Enjoy, and as always, your feedback is welcome. As always, a big thanks to Game Universe and for hosting us, without them we wouldn’t be here so check them out and give them some love.

    Freed From the Reel #121 – Sorry I Killed Your x/1, Here’s Some Rodent
    Running time 48 minutes

    • Show notes:
      • More Commander Spoilers! Now we can all ‘join forces’. Also, Sol Ring in every deck!
      • Unscheduled client outage! In what has become a very rare occurrence, the MTGO servers went down for 45 minutes on Saturday 4th June between 11PM and 11:45PM Pacific time.
      • New Phyrexia events ongoing! Also, the TNMO promo for June is an alternate art Rhox War Monk, with the MOCS season 7 championship promo being a full-art Tempered Steel.

    The Hardcast #17
    Running time 57 minutes

    • Show notes:
      • Deck ideas in a Jace/Stoneforge Mystic Free world
      • Which of the new commander deck is the best?
      • What do you see WoTC doing with the success of commander decks?
      • The Updated M:12 Spoiler – New Thoughts for New Cards
      • Cube question of the week – Do you govern playability between Aggressive/Combo/Control or let it run wild?
      • Magic Cruise Update
      • Interview with Paul Rietzl for The Men of Magic

    The Mana Pool #185 – Cubes, Power Outages, and M12
    Running time 2 hours 30 minutes

    • Show notes:
      • This is a weird one. Eric of Many Names joins us one final time before his family gets back into town, so we’re trying to make the most of it. We mine his brain for some information about Cube Draft on behalf of one of our listeners. More specifically, he talks about creating your own Cube. For reference, you can find Eric’s own Cube list here.
      • And of course, we have a full load of M12 previews to go over, starting with the new Jace! We recorded this well before they revealed any other new planeswalkers, so be patient and you’ll hear us rant about them eventually.
      • There was also a momentous decision by the US Supreme Court that we discussed for a short while. Don’t worry, it’s definitely something Magic dorks are interested in. Well, a good number of you anyway.
      • I’d like to dedicate this episode to Mario, Jumpman, and Ryu Hayabusa. They died so we could have appropriate music for the various times the call got cut off due to power outage at Chewie’s house, Eric being forcibly muted, and Skype deciding it was sick of us being able to hear each other. Remember them fondly, everyone!

    Mana Screwed #51 – M12 Previews with How to Be a Questionable Dad
    Running time 56 minutes

    • Show notes:
      • For this show we are joined by Carlos of Commandercast. Anthony from the Professors, Corbin from Quiet Speculation, Jack from everywhere, and Tangent and Roberto!
      • Which of the formats excite you most?
      • Burnout in podcasting can: it happen?
      • Conley Woods gives in and plays Cawblade is this the end of innovation?
      • Can Elves work standard after the bannings?
      • Planeswalkers Review
      • RDW will it be a major factor after M12 is out
      • Talking about latest spoilers
      • Is it okay to do 52 points of damage to your son when you play against him magic?

    Mana Sculpting Podcast #10
    Running time 1 hour 13 minutes

    • Show notes:
      • In this episode Wally and Trevor discuss the awful terrible decision that WOTC made to ban Stoneforge Mystic and Jace, the Mind Sculptor. After we get over our pain (really still hasn’t happened) we go on to discuss some new decklists. Hint play Exarch Twin… We wrap up by hitting up some early M2012 spoilers then discuss how awesome Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 is and Trevor recounts how Koth Archenemy has been the hardest boss ever and how Karn cheats like a mother with his turn one Darksteel Colossus on the play!

    MTGCast Interviews the Men of Magic #49 – Paul Rieztl
    Running time 1 hour 12 minutes

    • Show notes:
      • Welcome to another episode of Men of Magic this week I am joined by a magic professional originally from Massachusetts now in Southern California. A member of Team CFB and winner PT Amsterdam, did the unheard of at Magic Weekend at Paris. Finishing second on Pro Tour event and if the time didn’t conflict with Pro Tour should’ve top 8 the GP on the same weekend. I am talking to Paul Rietzl.

    MTGCast Interviews the Men of Magic #50 – Michelle Robertson
    Running time 1 hour 4 minutes

    • Show notes:
      • Welcome to episode 50 of the The Men of Magic. I am joined tonight by someone who apart of winning community cup team this year, she’s from Florida, where it seems a lot of next generation of great magic players comes from. We are joined tonight by Michelle Roberson. The interview takes on more a one on one converstation during the end of the interview. Hope you all enjoy it!

    Pauper to the People #14 – Offensive Shirt
    Running time 1 hour 8 minutes

    • Show notes:
      • Chris and Matt exhume Dead Dog and review Duals of the Planeswalkers 2012. They also discuss t-shirt wearing etiquette, Limp Bizkit’s new album, and the new Transformers movie. Keep rollin’, rollin’, rollin’. This is Pauper to the People.

    The Proffessors #155 – A Glorious Day
    Running time 12 minutes

    • Show notes:
      • This is one of those weeks. One of those weeks where we have something so important to talk about that we put the opening stuff before the intro. One of those weeks where everyone involved with this show, not just the people making it, but you, the viewer are so excited and overstatic about something they had anticipated coming for the good of their game for months and months and months and while some dissenters were against this change, it was a change, a ban for that fact that almost everyone had been waiting for, and resulted in us complaining on this show about the lack of something like an emergency banning on nearly every show for nearly two months. Then again, perhaps it was the statements like these: [ep153 clip] that resulted in this banning. For months, standard was in a state of stasis but you know what…Aaron Forsythe finally realized, you know what, this does suck, and this is what he had to say: [network clip]. This might not be a week of incredible, or insurmountable analytics of a particular aspect of Magic, or any of the particular aspects of standard and of Magic that will come with the banning of Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Stoneforge Mystic on July 1st, but it will be an episode of overjoyed celebration and an excited look at things to come. So let’s draw.
      • Helllo everybody and welcome to yet another episode of The Proffessors. This week we’ll be taking a look at the banning on Stoneforge Mystic and Jace, the Mind Sculptor that will hapen on July 1st, the decks that will be both revived and muddled by the new standard format, and, transversely, all the good cards in standard that we’ll traverse to figure out if they’re good enough to be played after the banning of Stoneforge Mystic and Jace and see if they can, despite failing the Jace and Batterskull race tests, pass some other tests put forth by other cards.

    Scrubland #45 – Unplugged
    Running time 43 minutes

    • Show notes:
      • In a more relaxed setting, Scrubland takes a look at what the future holds for Magic as we enter the bravely step back into the world of Valakut. The couch has plenty of random stories in store, so kick back and relax fellas, WELCOME TO SCRUBLAND!

    In Development

    Shows in development are newer podcasts. I will keep you guys up to date on new shows as they arrive on the scene, at a minimum providing show notes and possibly providing recap and analysis (I'm more likely to start writing about new shows once they've made it through five episodes and have begun to hit their stride). Consider these shows the cards you play with for the first time at the prerelease: You are excited to try them out but no one is sure how much play they will see.

    Draftcore #2 – Simulator Doesn’t Like Red?
    Running time 39 minutes

    • Show notes:
      • We’re back! And ready to roll is a triple NPH draft chock full of white/black with a lot of good red coming around in the later packs…lovely splashable red!

    Red Cast Wins #5 – Banhammer Not in my Toolbox
    Running time 1 hour 32 minutes

    MTG Brainstorm #5
    Running time 1 hour 12 minutes

    • Show notes:
      • This week on the brainstorm Tobi joins us this week and he talks about the commander deck and his very cool clone deck.We hit a little on the 2012 core set spoilers and we talk about the cards we like and how they will infect the standard game. Phil talks about some of the best ways to drafts and some of the typs of cards to use. Then Jones throws his two cents in about DOTP 2012 on the Xbox 360. Please leave the show some comments and let us know what you think
      • .