Cast through Time #30 – Double-Faced Off

Obviously the big news this week (at least when all of the podcasts were recording) was the release of a number of spoilers for Innistrad, including double-faced cards. Pretty much everyone chimes in to offer an opinion on the new mechanics of the set and the new cards themselves.

What did your favorite podcast personalities have to say about the new cards? Let’s tune in.

Format Staples

Format staples are my favorite shows and the shows I believe are the most important for someone interested in Magic: The Gathering and podcasts to be listening to week in and week out. You want these in your seventy-five.

CrazyTalk #20 – Confession Hour, Part 2
Running time 1 hour 29 minutes

  • Show notes:
    • Part two of a 3-hour long podcast with special guest Drew Levin. The guys leave the Magic indiscretions in the confessional, and talk the newest non-rotating format on everyone’s mind, Modern!

The Great Debate #6 – Planeswalker Points
Running time 30 minutes

  • Show notes:
    • Sam, Gavin and Chris are back to discuss the recent changes to the DCI Ratings system. In an early episode of The Great Debate we mulled ideas for changing it, and what actually happened turns out to be pretty close to what we wanted. Do we like the change? What are the pitfalls? Is this the Death of Magic, a cash grab or a way to reward quantity over quality? Tune in to find out!

Inside the Deck – GP Pittsburgh 2011
Running time 7 minutes

  • Show notes:
    • Inside the Deck travels to GP Pittsburgh and talks to players about Standard, their decks, and their thoughts on Modern. Also in this episode is a chat with Magic artist rk post.

Limited Resources #97 – A Civilized Scholar and a Homicidal Brute
Running time 1 hour 36 minutes

  • Show notes:
    • This week on Limited Resources, Jon and Marshall do a re-cap on combat tricks, talk PAX tournaments and cover the newly spoiled Innistrad cards and mechanics from a 40-card perspective!

The Magic Show #242 – Innistrad Spoiler Time!
Running time 10 minutes

  • Show notes:
    • Evan Erwin discusses (in his usual, excited way :p ) his two Innistrad spoilers: Angel of Flight Alabaster and Mindshrieker, in addition to the other Innistrad cards spoiled so far.

Monday Night Magic #275 – It’s Like a Steel Cage Match
Running time 1 hour 41 minutes

  • Show notes:
    • Tom, Chris (from World at War, Horde of Notions, pretty much every podcast we have) and Trevor from the Mana Sculpting podcast bring an Innistrad, and wrestling, filled podcast this week.
    • We break right in to the most current Innistrad previews, including flavor picks, standard picks, legacy picks and Tom’s biggest let-down ever in Creepy Doll. We also run down PT Philly, talk about the first real appearance of the Modern format (Top 8 deck lists, and all Modern decks with >= 18 points), some break out decks and the pure joy of seeing a mono-blue infect deck pitching Dragonstorm to Blazing Shoal! And don’t miss the Wizards of the Cats from the weekend as well. Check out this tasty Doubling Season judge promo from PT Philly. IDW Publishing is launching a MTG comic book. Jeremy Jarvis with a great article on the Innistrad art. We are sad to hear that Peter Szigeti passed away and has some colorful history in the MTG tourney scene (Searing Blaze anyone?).

Untapped #19 – Three Meanies and a Chica
Running time 1 hour 34 minutes

  • Show notes:
    • Trick bows out for the evening and Lauren Orsini (badass Journalist who sounds like Juno) fills in.

Yo! MTG Taps! #78 – Oh, the Horror!
Running time 1 hour 12 minutes

  • Show notes:
    • Joey & BHJ delve into the spoils of the Innistrad party at PAX. Double-faced cards!?!? Oh, the HORROR!! Then they are joined by Wild Nacatl aficionado Pat Cox to discuss the wilds of the new Modern format as we head into Pro Tour Philadelphia this weekend!

The Sideboard

The Sideboard includes shows that may or may not record every week but are quality podcasts that you may be interested in. At a minimum, I will provide the show notes, but in the case of better-than-usual episodes will provide recap or commentary. You don’t run them in every deck, but they are often a great metagame call.

East West Draft Cast #25 – The Final Conclusion
Running time 58 minutes

  • Show notes:
    • This week on EWDC Greg and Jeff talk about how “Forcing the Issue” went for them, and go through a pick-a-card list with bonus list afterward.

The Magic Sock #249 – Innistrad Previews
Running time 43 minutes

  • Show notes:
    • In this episode, I talk Innistrad mechanics (double-faced cards!) and a long list of new previews.

The Mana Pool #195 – Innistrad Previews
Running time 2 hours 19 minutes

  • Show notes:
    • News news news! We’ve got the announcements about the Duel Decks: Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas deck lists and the Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 expansion, so of course we had to cover all that. There was a lot of concern from our listeners regarding the various and sundry natural disasters that hit our area, so we had to talk about that a bit, including a mightily depressing hurricane story from Brian.
    • Oh, and there’s Squeak. Holy crap I’m in love.
    • But really, you’re all here for the Innistrad previews, so that’s what we’re going to give you. We look at every freakin’ card we could find and discuss them. We weigh in on the double-faced cards, the flavor, being Morbid, and the return of Flashback. You can check it all out here
    • Then we try desperately to get through some of our emails, which is why this episode went so long. There were some good ones though, so stick around!
    • Donate to Dustin’s Extra Life page! Help out some sick kids!
    • Also, keep an eye out on the website for a few polls that have nothing to do with the show. We’re going to have you guys give us answers to a few questions just because. There will be a new one every two days or so, so keep going back!

MTG Brainstorm #14 – Innistrad and Deck Ideas
Running time 34 minutes

  • Show notes:
    • This week on the brainstorm we talk about some of the cards from Innistrad and how they may fit in to your deck when the set comes out. Tyrone gives you a few ideas on some of the ways to build deck for the first time if your a new player, just all around good information.

Pauper to the People #23 – Crack-A-PAX
Running time 1 hour 11 minutes

  • Show notes:
    • Matt tells of his firsthand Innistrad PAX party experiences, while Chris analyzes some of the new information to come out of the event. This is not a sweaty nerd rave. This is Pauper to the People.

Public Enemies #11 – Friends Don’t Let Friends Date Jon Finkel
Running time 1 hour 18 minutes

  • Show notes:
    • The crew returns to discuss Jon Finkel’s magical date with a real angel from OK Cupid as well as the brilliant new Innastrad double sided cards and more!

The Scoop Phase #12 – Juxtaposed
Running time 44 minute

  • Show notes:
    • This week on The Scoop Phase, Dae and Zac have been drinking. So if any of their words are slurred, please pay them no mind. They go over SCG Boston aka NO RUG Central. Modern is thriving and the guys go over the top decks based on MODO dailies. Please let us know how we’re doing guys, whether by email, comments, or by email.

The Spike Zone #21 – Vorthos FTW
Running time 14 minutes

  • Show notes:
    • In the latest episode of The Spike Zone I go over the newest set of Innistrad spoilers and get a little naughty in the process. Enjoy and until later I'm the Wickeddealer for The Spike Zone

Timmy Magic Corner #110 – Flash of Awesome
Running time 8 minutes

  • Show notes:
    • In the latest episode of Timmy Magic Corner, I discuss the the newest spoilers from Innistrad and the creepiness of the set as a whole. Enjoy and until later I'm the Wickeddealer for Timmy Magic Corner

Voice of Seraphim #34 – Song Song Blue Blue
Running time 1 hour 2 minutes

  • Show notes:
    • This week on the Voice of Seraphim Dicax, Eldritch Song and Avenged talk about the Rainbow Stairwell format, Clan Events and the T-shirt Design Contest and Innistrad Spoilers, and do Pack 1 Pick 1 with an M12 Booster Pack.

In Development

Shows in development are newer podcasts. I will keep you guys up to date on new shows as they arrive on the scene, at a minimum providing show notes and possibly providing recap and analysis (I'm more likely to start writing about new shows once they've made it through five episodes and have begun to hit their stride). Consider these shows the cards you play with for the first time at the prerelease: You are excited to try them out but no one is sure how much play they will see.

Fatal Flaw #6 – Mechanical Resolve
Running time 1 hour 28 minutes

  • Show notes:
    • What are your favorite mechanics in MtG? Jay and I discuss our top three mechanics- and we go over the new mechanic transform coming out in Innistrad.
    • Aadel waxes philosophical about the reactions to double-sided cards or anything else new in Magic.
    • We talk about the time we held the craziest draft ever
    • Card of the week: Blitz Hellion
    • Aadel’s current project: Naya control hate
    • Jay- 5 color Modern build
    • Work-in-progress decklists will be uploaded within the week to Jay’s blog Fatal Flaw

Running the Gauntlet #8 – Target Opponent Loses One Life
Running time 1 hour 52 minutes

  • Show notes:
    • Hello again and thnks for listening. We are running without one of our hosts this episope do to scheduling restraints, but we still were able to get this episode out. We start off with some of our tournament news before we get into some metagame options for Standard as well as Modern. Then we discuss our tournament experiences over the last two weeks before we get to some backed-up deck tech submissions.

So Many Insane Plays #7 – Innistrad and Modern
Running time 2 hours

  • Show notes:
    • Kevin Cron and Steve Menendian discuss Innistrad’s design, setting, mechanics and some initial spoilers; specifically their applicability to Vintage.
    • Also: Chris Pikula’s Grudge Match win, recent articles, upcoming tournaments, and Modern’s meaning for Eternal.

Story Circle #3 – Lonely Love Song Cast
Running time 1 hour 4 minutes

  • Show notes:
    • David sits out of episode 3 of Story Circle, and Andrew takes the reigns of the contest winner’s topic. Thanks and congratulations to Jars and his topic of the Love Song of Night and Day, the poem that helped fuel the flavor of the Mirage and Visions story line. (You can read the poem and more about it here.) Andrew takes a bit of a spin on the topic by discussing the poem and other ‘imagined fiction’ that helped shape cards and their flavor text.
    • Also, Andrew announces the second contest, this time with three Magic Online booster packs as the prize. The contest will be open for entries until episode 6 is posted.

Tapping It Taber Style #9 – Phone Calls
Running time 58 minutes

  • Show notes:
    • Alan and Steve are back to talk about their last week in Magic. We go into some modern lists, FNM, playing with friends, and just being awesome. Pro Tour Philly is almost upon us and Steve makes some predictions on a winner. So hang on and don’t leave because the show flows on quite well this week.

World at War #6 – What’s a Trunculata?
Running time 1 hour 22 minutes

  • Show notes:
    • On this episode, we name our tribes, and give them back-stories. Also, the long-awaited 5 cards from each of us are shared and discussed. For homework, we have to make one Legendary Creature for each tribe, and give them all back-stories. Join us next week on World at War where we discuss My Little Pony, and Mudkipz!