Casual Magic

Casual Magic is the roots of this wonderful game. Friends sitting down and setting out crazy parameters for the night that turns into a standard and expands beyond them. The Internet has especially expanded and increased the span of these formats, things like a "Block Party," "Make Your Own Standard," "Build Your own Block," "Elder Dragon Highlander," and "Pack Wars." The list goes on.

In this section we'll lay out the general basics of the different formats for you all to peruse and to look for an evening with friends.

Brief Descriptions
Block Party - Everyone brings a "Block" deck of their own the catch is that they don't have to be from the same Block.

Build Your own Block - You pick a Large set from an expansion, and two different small sets, and use that as your card base for deckbuilding.

Cube Drafting - Description forth coming

Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH) - A format of singleton built decks with some of the strongest cards in the history of the game. Built with larger decks and played with higher lives, it's also described as a haven for control players.

Make Your own Standard - Description forth coming

Pack Wars - Description forth coming

Pauper Magic - Commons only in your deck.

Peasant Magic - Commons only except for up to five uncommons in your deck and sideboard.