’Twas a Night Before Christmas

’Twas a night before Christmas, and all through his place,
Bruce was cleaning like mad, his sons had wrecked the space.
He brought out his decks, tokens, and dice were displayed.
It could mean but one thing, there was Magic to play!

The doorbell rang, Josh arrives every week without fail,
Then Jesse was next shouting, “I’ve brought some more ale!”
John would come next, he sprinted smoothly up the stair.
Soon after came Tyler, who sat the opposing chair.

With five players arrived, we were ready to start.
But before decks were cut, Aaron was the sixth part.
With Bryan’s arrival, our group grew to seven,
Then George showed up, eight players—now it was heaven!

Sol Ring
Bruce broke out the spare table, we’d split in two groups.
We’d done this before, very little jumping through hoops.
The sixty-card players stayed at the big table,
The EDH players moved, willing and able.

The first games began, and the insanity grew,
It was soon apparent Jesse’s decks were brand new!
A beep from the kitchen signaled pizza was near.
Pie was obtained along with some frosty-cold beer.

I started out slowly, Forest Llanowar Elf.
I will stay low, rather than exposing myself.
Josh likes his mana, “Your Elf is cute,” he would sing,
“Better ramp is in order, I’ll play this Sol Ring.”

George plays a game-breaker, dropping Geist of Saint Traft.
I wait then play Murder, argh hexproof, I’m daft.
John enjoying the highjinks, sipping at his mead,
Waiting for the moment to spring Pernicious Deed.

Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief
With the Deed done, Aaron then plays our friend Prime Time.
Two lands and beatstick? Playing him should be a crime.
Tyler’s gears are churning, “Prime Time on the banned list?”
That’s EDH, not sixty card—man, he looks pissed!

Jesse’s next card is Jaya Ballard, the Task Mage;
Hinder from Bryan leaves Jesse seething with rage.
“Creatures to graveyards makes sense, but really, tuck?
That play feels dirty, I don’t get it, what the f--k?”

A control player, his next play Divining Top,
This is getting ugly, someone please make him stop.
Cards in hand are teeming, a constant oversupply,
His extra draws come from an annoying Mind's Eye.

Tyler taps for black, drops Kalastria Bloodchief.
Hate that nasty Vampire, too good for my Scroll Thief.
Big plays follow, John plays the copy Nephilim.
Next comes Act of Treason, it is now sink or swim!

Ink-Treader Nephilim
After my Elf is the fun Glissa the Traitor,
Add Capsule and other creatures, see you later!
My fun combo takes out all creatures except black,
Destroying all but Drana . . . then face her attack!

George plays Niv Mizzet, followed by Curiosity,
Brian has two blue, Daze equals reciprocity.
The twists and turns of a Magic multiplayer game—
With so many players, no two games are the same.

Then the game winds down, the life totals start to wane,
Harry taps mana for an 8-point Hurricane.
How did this happen, Harry steals another win.
We left him alone, now we take it on the chin.

The players pack their things, the night is almost through.
Josh’s misplays, George’s mistakes, Jesse’s mana screw—
Talk of next week’s games, who can come and who will miss,
Don’t dwell too long, waiting a week for Magic bliss.

Last games pre-Yuletide were played and now ended,
Away left friends, the evening joyous and splendid.
And I heard them exclaim, as they drove out of sight,