This Week in Magic 3/9-3/15


Standard and Block


  • Grand Prix Seattle Report—Alexander West shares his recipe for success in both Sealed and Draft so you can heat things up in Nashville!
  •  Gambling on Dark Ascension—($SCG) Jackie Lee has been on a roll, and even the randomness of Sealed couldn’t slow her down!
  •  DII #1—Nassim Ketita starts off with three pieces of black removal and winds up in B/R Vampires.
  •  DKA/INN/INN—Kyle Boggemes loves it when signals are so black and white.

Vintage, Legacy, and Modern

Casual and Variant Formats

  • Cards that have Impressed Me—Abe Sargent’s kitchen table sleepers might be flying under your radar too.
  •  Hidden Gems, Redux—Sheldon Menery continues his search for Commander cards you won’t find on a staples list.
  •  Bear Hug—Adam Styborski discusses the Group Hug decks that can really do some damage.
  • Singing Souls for my Supper—Sean McKeown overhauls a Rubinia Soulsinger for Commander’s Bant addicts.
  • I Command You—Nafiz Erman’s Oros deck runs the three Kaldra equipments and Distorting Lens in order to maximize the general’s damage-based ability.
  • Precon Championships—Ertai’s Lament pre-constructed brackets are on to round two. Catch some throwback action from ‘05-‘07.


  • Pack to Prowess—Ryan Bushard details the cyclical nature of up-trading and puts his quest for a set of Extended on hiatus.
  • MtG and Taxes—($QS) Chad Havas’ two-part series discusses hobby taxes and business expenses.

Theory and Miscellany

  • How to Never Lose a Game of Magic—Craig Wescoe provides tactical advice for improving your preparation in order to improve your play.
  • Distorting Reality—PVD provides instructions on several tactical tricks designed to misinform your opponent including the “pen trick” and “the sideboarding trick.”
  • Veloctiy—Chingsung Chang breaks down the powerful forces of velocity, momentum, and inertia as they apply to Magic theory.
  • Don’t be that Guy—Darwin Kastle’s list of pet peeves might cause you to reflect on your across-the-table manners.
  • 3-D Zur, the Enchanter—Andrew Sitte is even more spectacular when you realize he destroyed seven copies of the card to create his eye-popping construction.