This Week in Magic 3/15-3/22


Standard and Block


  • First Impressions of Magic Online Cube—Usman Jamil brings his designer’s eye to this critique of Magic Online’s first official cube.
  • DII#2—Nassim Ketita’s B/W Humans deck demonstrates that the archetype can still win even if the pieces don’t all come together.
  • Sealed Luck—Darwin Kastle’s foundational article on the Sealed format argues against conventional wisdom on the role of luck.

Vintage, Legacy, and Modern

Casual and Variant Formats

  • Riders of Ruhan—Robby Rothe takes a swing at building a Ruhan deck in a Commander project designed to showcase deck-building diversity.
  • Olivia Voldaren—Sheldon Menery is waiting for an alternate-art Olivia, but you don’t have to wait any longer to see Scott Larabee’s list.
  • Colorless Lands—Devon Rule on the colorless lands that might make the cut even with the popular three-color generals.
  • 100 Combo Decks—Abe Sargent is doing his part in making every combo deck a net deck.
  • Venser’s Deck Review—Ertais Lament begins his break down of the Venser half of the new Duel Decks.


  • Steal this Article—Chad Andres raises awareness on the growing problem of theft, and what traders stand to lose if people stop bringing binders to events.
  • Re-investing in Magic—Craig Wescoe recommends the Magic equivalent of penny stocks.
  • Karma: It’s not Just for Swamps—Kelly Reid organizers his binders and helps you pack for the Gold Rush.
  • Covering your Collection—($QS) Chad Havas explains how to value and insure your collection.
  • FNM Hero—Jon Medina’s new series kicks off with an event deck and a ban on value trading.

Theory and Miscellany