This Week in Magic 2/2 – 2/9


Standard and Block


Vintage, Legacy, and Model

Casual and Variant Formats

  • So I hear you Like Elves—Sean McKeown reworks an Ezuri deck and extols Gaea’s Cradle
  • The Isperia Challenge—Sheldon Menery takes a second stab at Isperia and attempts to limit Commander staples. 
  • Feeding Time—Mike Cannon brings a couple of feeding frenzy themed decks to the kitchen table.
  • Going Mental—Nathan Weizenbaum’s weekly puzzle features Mental Magic, a popular format that makes a rare article appearance. 
  • Grave Power Review—ErtaisLament on a intro pack that doesn’t stray from its theme. 


  • The Battle of the Specs—($SCG) Ted Knutson is looking for four financial apprentices and provides the blueprint for the contest-based series.
  • Dark Ascension Set Review—Brian Grewe sifts through the Dark Ascension bulk rares in search of speculative earnings.
  • Following the Coverage—($SCG) Chad Havas’s results-oriented analysis reveals financial futures for cards like Vorapede.
  • Learn the Most, Earn the Most—Kelly Reid demonstrates how he’s used various sites to cobble together the Magic-equivalent of the Wall Street Journal.

Theory and Miscellany