Duels of the Planeswalkers and Magic 2013 Spoilers!

Duel of the Planeswalkers 2013, the latest entry in the best-selling game series, is on the horizon. The game will preview several Magic 2013 cards, just like the previous release, and several promotional shots and videos have been released, such as this Machinima exclusve!

Through some careful investigation, we’ve been able to decipher a few new cards, including a new creature with the, now confirmed, returning exalted ability!



With the cat out of the bag, Aaron Forsythe provided official confirmation on Twitter:


With exalted confirmed, a wave of speculation was unleashed. Soon a second bombshell came in the form of promotional materials at big box retailer Target, which showed the Magic 2013 Intro Pack packaging, as well as a new legendary creature:

Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis 4BB Legendary Creature - Demon rare Flying, exalted When Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis attacks alone, defending player sacrifices a creature. 5/5

Legendary creatures have returned to the Core Set, and the previously visited plane of Alara appears to be at the core of the creative flavor. This Core Set is already proving to be one to remember.

Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013, as previously announced, will be significantly updated:

  • You may now tap your mana as you choose yourself, rather than letting the game automatically tap it.
  • They have also added the End Step to the turn, more closely aligning it with paper Magic and Magic Online.
  • There is a new Planechase game mode, which includes the new planes and phenomena from the updated 2012 release of Planechase.
  • It will be released on the three platforms as before – Steam, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live Arcade – as well as for iOS on the Apple iPad!



The above image shows off deck building as seen in the Steam version of the game. To see screen shots from every platform, including the new iOS release for iPad, check our our Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 album on Facebook!

Rumor season for Magic 2013 has already kicked off, so be sure to follow @MTGLeaks for all the latest spoilers and news as they happen!