Another Mummy Remake No One Asked For

Anointed Procession
I thought I was done with Anointed Procession, but it turns out that Anointed Procession wasn’t done with me. I am still feeling good about a deck where I can make the most of Assemble the Legion a week later and already I’m starting to see Procession impacting the format more than even I anticipated, like some sort of magical Baader-Meinhoff phenomenon. I don’t think I can give you a better illustration of the fact that Queen Marchesa surged to being the 6th-most-built deck on EDHREC this week. When you check which new cards are making this a possibility, there are three possible culprits. Harsh Mentor is worth testing, but I doubt he resurrected a deck that people had largely moved on from building. Canyon Slough is fine sometimes, but I doubt a land that comes into play tapped made this deck grow the beard. No, the likely culprit is Anointed Procession, a card that gives you double the assassin tokens when someone else is the Monarch. Don’t get me wrong, Queen Marchesa is a spicy deck, but it would take something special to make people take notice of a Conspiracy 2: 2 fast 2 conspiratorial card at this late stage. I think Procession is something special.

It’s not just Marchesa where the card is making an impact, either. Lots of decks have tokens, but not Green. Green got left on the sidelines, sad because all of the other kids’ dads came and took them out for banana splits after the game while they sat in the rain for an hour waiting for their mother’s boyfriend to pick them up; and, even though he was apologetic, you know he lost track of time hitting on the cashier at the C store where he buys smokes and your mother deserves better than that and I’m never going to call you Dad, Kevin. The point is, Green decks are spoiled and now non-Green decks are doubling tokens and it’s a blast. Teysa, Orzhov Scion, Heliod, God of the Sun, Daxos the Returned, even Breya, Etherium Shaper are getting in on this sweet, sweet Anointed goodness. With this in mind, I want to talk about a Legendary creature I wasn’t excited about building at all until I got down with the Procession. It’s time to get this Procession started with the most Anointed there is — Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun.

Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun
Tokens are fun to double and that’s exactly what I want to be about. But I don’t just want to double embalm creatures because the deck is a little flimsy with no Procession at that point. However, using token creation spells to make copies of their creatures and thereby borrowing their abilities seems fun to me. I am now realizing that I have never had a deck with Parallel Lives and Rite of Replication in it before and that’s got to change. Since stealing their stuff is the most 75% thing we can do, what if we use a lot of token creation spells to steal their best creatures and occasionally live the dream of making double tokens with Anointed Procession? We’re not building around Procession, but we are set up to benefit from it when we get it. If we go this route, what do we want to make sure we do to actually make a 75% deck?

First, we want to steal as much of their stuff as possible. I’m talking steal their Sword of Fire and Ice when you hit them with Thada Adel, Acquisitor who happens to have Stolen Identity encoded on her. We want to play with Vedalken Shackles because we always want that. I’m talking let’s run Snapcaster Mage so we can cast a kicked Rite of Replication again. I’m talking actually running Supplant Form in a deck. That card doesn’t get used in decks, y’all. That stops now. Luckily, the primary way we get their best creatures (making tokens that are copies of them) sets us up to benefit from being a token-based deck. We’re going to scale the power level of our deck to theirs by trying to steal their stuff and use it so our decks matchup well with theirs. We’re going to win by having a ton more tokens than they have original creatures, and we’re also going to try and snuff out the original creature after we copy it by running spells like Hour of Reckoning. Our wraths are either going to create tokens or they’re going to leave tokens alone. It’s been a minute since I jammed Martial Coup in a deck and I’m raring to go.

What does such a deck look like? Will we even want to play it when we’re done? I don’t know for sure but what I do know is that I can’t wait to get building.

Rite of Replication
This looks kind of like a pile at first, but it’s growing on me . Using token generator cards like Rite of Replication and Mimic Vat to steal their good creatures is a fun way to play Magic and it’s one of the easiest ways to build 75%. If you want a few more ways to push the balance more in your favor by stealing the creature and depriving them of it, you can add a few more cards like Take Possession and cut a few token cards, but with the cards like Hour of Reckoning, we want to have tokens, I think. We play Desertion in the place of regular Counterspell, Trostani’s Judgment over Swords to Plowshares, etc to serve the overall tokens theme but still have useful cards. We pay a little more mana, but that’s what makes Commander great — we survive long enough to pay more mana.

Not a ton surprised me in building this, which was almost a little disappointing. Normally I go digging through Gatherer and find a bunch of stuff the stock lists are missing and put my own unique spin on the archetype, but every idea I had for this decks seemed to be what everyone else was already doing. I’m not going to quite say the community is mostly making Temmet decks that are inherently 75%, but it isn’t far off, actually. The same things I want to be doing to help scale the power level of my deck to the power level of theirs, others are doing just because Temmet lends himself to that sort of a strategy. Even my 75% mainstays like Thada Adel and Daxos of Meletis are already included in a lot of stock lists. I found a few gems (I think if we’re going to wrath this often, we should play Seance) but for the most part, I didn’t alter the original trajectory of the deck that much.

What did I miss? You guys were very helpful last week in chiming in and I really appreciate that. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, non-sequiturs, anything, aim that at the comment section of this article. I’d love to hear how other people are building this deck and what techniques you’re using to make your other 75% decks. Thanks as always for tuning in. Until next week!

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