MTG Leaks: Back Better Than Ever!

Up to the minute Magic news at your fingertips!

What is MTG Leaks? If you like to stay on top of breaking Magic news as it happens, then MTG Leaks is what you need to follow on Twitter.

So, then, what is “breaking Magic news?”

  • Previews, spoilers, and other card and set information
  • DCI announced bannings, changes, and other rules updates
  • Organized Play information, including event updates and schedules
  • Everything else that makes Magic awesome that you should know about!

Regular man-of-the-news Greg Haenig will be the driving force, providing us with detailed coverage throughout the entire Dark Ascension preview season. (You saw the five Intro Packs shared earlier today, right?) I’ll be playing back-up, lending a hand and ensuring the biggest bit of news are covered through all channels. (For example, when Organized Play makes a few more changes.)

We hope you’re ready for the first week of Dark Ascension information. It’s going to be a wild ride!