Common Courtesy


Win the game as quickly as possible using only cards that are legal in Pauper.


You have perfect luck. For example, even after you shuffle your library, it’s ordered how you want. You may not assume anything about your opponent’s hand or library except that he won’t do anything relevant.

Winning “quickly” refers to both the turn of the game and whether you’re playing or drawing first. Turn three on the draw is quicker than turn four on the play but not as quick as turn three on the play.

You may only use four copies of any individual card.

Send your solutions to nex342+puzzle at gmail dot com with the subject line “Puzzle – Common Courtesy”, and I’ll include the best ones in next week’s article along with the next puzzle!

Good luck!

Solution to Last Week’s Puzzle

I received solutions for turn-three wins on the play from three different guilds. The first is from Michael Baramidze for Rakdos:

PlayManaCards in Hand
Put three copies of Leyline of Lightning onto the battlefield from your opening hand.{0}4
Turn one{0}4
Kill-Suit Cultist{0}2
Turn two{R}3
Taste for Mayhem ×2 targeting Kill-Suit Cultist{0}0
Attack for 9{0}0
Turn three{R}{R}1
Taste for Mayhem targeting Kill-Suit Cultist{R}0
Attack for 13{R}0

Sandro F-R sent in this solution for Gruul:

PlayManaCards in Hand
Turn one{0}7
Utopia Sprawl enchanting Forest, choosing green{0}5
Turn two{G}{G}6
Utopia Sprawl targeting the first Forest, choosing green{G}{G}{G}4
Birds of Paradise ×3{0}1
Turn three{R}{R}{R}{G}{G}{G}{G}2
Forest{R}{R}{R} + {G}×51
Warp World for eight, revealing four Stalking Vengeance, three Molten Sentry, and a Breath of Fury{0}0
Attack repeatedly, sacrificing the Sentries first, for a total of 250 damage{0}0

Finally, Ryan Nightingale sent in this solution for Izzet:

PlayManaCards in Hand
Turn one{0}7
Steam Vents{U}6
Drowned Rusalka{0}5
Turn two{U}6
Steam Vents{U}{U}5
Drowned Rusalka{U}4
Drowned Rusalka{0}3
Attack for 1{0}3
Turn three A{U}{U}4
Steam Vents{U}{U}{R}3
Stitch in Time{0}2
Attack for 3{0}2
Turn three B{U}{U}{R}3
Steam Vents{U}{U}{R}{R}2
Drowned Rusalka{U}{R}{R}1
Stitch in Time{0}0
Attack for 3{0}0
Turn three C{U}{U}{R}{R}1
Stitch in Time{U}0
Attack for 4{U}0
Turn three D{U}{U}{R}{R}1
Stitch in Time{R}0
Attack for 4{R}0
Turn three E{U}{U}{R}{R}0
Attack for 4{U}{U}{R}{R}0