Standard in Review: Washington DC

SCG Open: Washington DC – The Results

Here are the Top 16 decks from StarCityGames Open: DC. I determined the average mana costs of the main decks and prices in dollars and Magic Online tickets by importing each decklist into the Decked Builder app. Dollars are from, and tickets are from The graphs display the strategies, colors, and most-played archetypes of the Top 16.

PlaceDeckColorsAvg ManaCost ($)Cost (Tix)
2Junk Midrange
3Dark Naya Midrange
{W} {INVISIBLE} {B} {R} {G}
4Esper Control
5Esper Control
7BW Zombies
8Naya Humans
10Solar Flare
11Esper Control
12GR Aggro
13Naya Aggro
14Esper Tokens
16Bant Auras

Creatures of Choice

The following charts and graphs display the most-played creatures in the Top 16 decks of the tournament.

Creature# DecksAvg MainAvg Side
Restoration Angel103.50.0
Avacyn's Pilgrim74.00.0
Centaur Healer62.61.8
Angel of Serenity72.72.0
Obzedat, Ghost Council91.01.4
Deathrite Shaman53.02.2
Rhox Faithmender60.02.2
Arbor Elf52.60.0

White and black were the two most-played colors in the Top 16 and were usually played together, which made Obzedat, Ghost Council a popular creature in DC, appearing in nine decks.

Deck Distribution (Creatures)

Where might you find these creatures and need a plan to deal with them? Here are the decks they appeared in this week:

CardArchetypeAverageAvg MainAvg Side
Restoration AngelBW Zombies4.04.00.0
Dark Naya Midrange4.04.00.0
Esper Control2.52.50.0
Junk Midrange4.04.00.0
Naya Aggro3.03.00.0
Avacyn's PilgrimBant Auras4.04.00.0
Dark Naya Midrange4.04.00.0
Junk Midrange4.04.00.0
ThragtuskDark Naya Midrange4.04.00.0
Junk Midrange4.04.00.0
Naya Aggro3.02.01.0
Centaur HealerDark Naya Midrange3.00.03.0
Junk Midrange4.02.02.0
Angel of SerenityEsper Control2.00.02.0
Junk Midrange1.01.00.0
Solar Flare3.03.00.0
Obzedat, Ghost CouncilBW Zombies2.00.02.0
Esper Control1.51.00.5
Junk Midrange2.00.02.0
Solar Flare2.01.01.0
Deathrite ShamanJunk Midrange3.00.03.0
Arbor ElfGR Aggro4.04.00.0
Rhox FaithmenderEsper Control2.00.02.0
Junk Midrange2.00.02.0
Solar Flare2.00.02.0

Removal Spells

The following charts and graphs display the most-played removal spells in the Top 16.

Removal# DecksAvg MainAvg Side
Azorius Charm53.41.0
Supreme Verdict53.33.0
Tragic Slip52.72.3
Abrupt Decay52.02.0
Searing Spear33.30.0
Oblivion Ring60.01.5
Ultimate Price41.81.0
Mizzium Mortars32.02.0
Sever the Bloodline41.01.5

Esper-based decks propelled Azorius Charm, Supreme Verdict, and Ultimate Price onto this list. Esper and Junk decks made Tragic Slip a popular choice as well. Overall, 40% of the removal spells in the DC Top 16 were in a sideboard.

Deck Distribution (Removal)

When should you look out for these removal spells and potentially play around them? Here are the decks they appeared in this week:

CardArchetypeAverageAvg MainAvg Side
Azorius CharmEsper Control4.04.00.0
Esper Tokens3.02.01.0
Solar Flare3.03.00.0
Supreme VerdictEsper Control3.03.00.0
Esper Tokens3.00.03.0
Solar Flare4.04.00.0
Tragic SlipBW Zombies3.03.00.0
Esper Control2.00.02.0
Esper Tokens4.02.02.0
Junk Midrange3.03.00.0
Abrupt DecayJunk Midrange3.02.01.0
Searing SpearDark Naya Midrange2.02.00.0
Naya Aggro4.04.00.0
Naya Humans4.04.00.0
Oblivion RingBW Zombies2.00.02.0
Dark Naya Midrange2.00.02.0
Esper Control1.00.01.0
Naya Aggro2.00.02.0
Ultimate PriceEsper Control2.01.50.5
Esper Tokens3.03.00.0
Solar Flare2.01.01.0
Mizzium MortarsDark Naya Midrange2.02.00.0
GR Aggro4.02.02.0
Naya Aggro2.02.00.0
Sever the BloodlineJunk Midrange2.00.02.0
TerminusEsper Control4.04.00.0

Leading Indicators

Here are the cards that have made their first Top 16 appearances at SCG: DC. Are they the next hot tech? You be the judge.

Card# CopiesMainSideDecks
Beckon Apparition33Esper Tokens (14th)
Gideon, Champion of Justice11Esper Control (4th)
Psychic Strike22Esper Control (4th)
Simic Charm33Bant Auras (16th)
Thrull Parasite22BW Zombies (7th)
Undying Evil44Junk Midrange (2nd); Dark Naya Midrange (3rd)

The Standard Metagame

The following graphs track the deck archetypes with the most Top 16 finishes at major Standard tournaments. They include results from not only SCG: Indy but also Grand Prix: Verona and Grand Prix: Rio.

The Last Month

Jund Midrange is still the big bad of the last month, but Reanimator is gaining fast with three Top 16 finishes at SCG: Indy and four in DC. Esper Control is also surging with two at Indy and three in DC.

This Standard Season (since rotation)

Deck Dissection: Reanimator

Let’s take a closer look at a deck that is coming on strong in the Standard metagame. Here are the cards played in 50% or more of the Reanimator Top 16 decks over the past month:

Card% DecksAverageAvg MainAvg Side
Avacyn's Pilgrim100%
Overgrown Tomb100%
Unburial Rites100%
Woodland Cemetery100%
Temple Garden100%
Angel of Serenity100%
Sunpetal Grove100%
Craterhoof Behemoth100%
Godless Shrine100%
Grisly Salvage91%
Restoration Angel91%
Centaur Healer91%
Acidic Slime91%
Deathrite Shaman91%
Rhox Faithmender82%
Abrupt Decay73%
Arbor Elf73%
Lingering Souls73%
Gavony Township73%
Obzedat, Ghost Council73%
Sever the Bloodline64%
Tragic Slip55%
Cavern of Souls55%
Isolated Chapel55%
Vault of the Archangel55%

By the Numbers: Competitive Reprints

Of the three hundred sixty-four cards that have seen play in a Top 16 deck this Standard season, seventy-two are reprints. This excludes cards that have only been reprinted in special products such as Duel Decks and From the Vault: Legends. A good chunk of these reprints, twenty-three in total, are lands: basics, shock lands, M10 dual lands, Evolving Wilds, Reliquary Tower, and Ghost Quarter.

Here are the most-played nonland reprints since rotation:

Here are the cards that have appeared in the most sets and expansions:

Unsummon is the only overlapping card between the two graphs. Giant Growth and Fog have both been played in Top 16 decks this season, but only a couple copies each. Birds of Paradise has been printed fourteen times, and a fifteenth showing would most likely land it on both graphs.

What Do You Think? M14 Reprints

Cruel Edict
Llanowar Elves

Which card would you most like to see reprinted in M14?

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That’s it for this week’s article on SCG Open: Washington DC. Join me next week for more Standard tournament results, metagame review, and Magic analysis. Thanks for reading!

Nick Vigabool