SCG Open: Atlanta – The Results

Here are the top sixteen decks from StarCityGames Open: Atlanta. I determined the average mana cost of the main deck and prices in dollars and Magic Online tickets by importing each decklist into the Decked Builder app. Dollars are from, and tickets are from (Note: Magic Online prices will not include Gatecrash cards, as they are not yet available online.) The graphs display the strategies, colors, and most-played archetypes of the Top 16.

Place Deck Colors Avg Mana Cost ($) Cost (Tix)
1 Naya Humans {R}{G}{W} 2.3 $545 291
2 Human Reanimator {B}{R}{G}{W} 3.05 $467 248
3 Boros aggro {R}{W} 2.14 $397 199
4 Jund aggro {B}{R}{G} 2.47 $440 218
5 R/W/U Flash {R}{W}{U} 2.69 $649 391
6 Four-color tokens {B}{R}{G}{W} 2.8 $709 467
7 Jund midrange {B}{R}{G} 3 $700 477
8 Esper Spirits {W}{U}{B} 2.97 $525 285
9 Mono-red aggro {R} 2.13 $257 140
10 Jund midrange {B}{R}{G} 3 $731 492
11 Naya Humans {R}{G}{W} 1.95 $509 232
12 Jund midrange {B}{R}{G} 2.89 $814 547
13 Jund midrange {B}{R}{G} 3 $776 580
14 Human Reanimator {B}{R}{G}{W} 3.05 $467 248
15 Naya midrange {R}{G}{W} 3.25 $808 473
16 Jund midrange {B}{R}{G} 2.91 $818 615
Average: 2.7 $601 369

Deck Check: The Top 16 Rundown

Jund midrange was a major force in the SCG Open: Atlanta Top 16. The only big addition from Gatecrash is Stomping Ground to fix the mana base, and the five decks played seventeen copies between them.

Let’s take a look at the top two decks of SCG Open: Atlanta.

First Place

Naya Humans also won SCG Open: Dallas, the last major tournament before the release of Gatecrash. The availability of Stomping Ground allows the archetype to swap out Borderland Ranger for the more aggressive Frontline Medic. Nearheath Pilgrim is less aggressive, but the lifelink certainly helps against an aggro-centric metagame.

Second Place

Brian Braun-Duin and Brad Nelson (fourteenth place) both played this updated Human Reanimator list. The deck adds four copies of Cartel Aristocrat, a new Gatecarsh aristocrat that demands sacrifices. This one is Human, which means it works quite well with the Angel of Glory's Rise combo. Brad Nelson provides more insight in this deck tech.

Let’s look at some other decks making use of new Gatecrash cards in Atlanta.

Boros Aggro

This deck is basically mono-red aggro with Boros Charm and is very similar to the ninth-place mono-red deck, both of which went with Boros Reckoner as the 3-drop of choice as a replacement for Pyreheart Wolf.

Jund Aggro

The evolve on Experiment One is triggered by any of the other creatures in the deck, potentially twice in the case of Strangleroot Geist. It is a poor top-deck later in the game and not something you’d want to see multiples of early, however, so it’ll be interesting to see if it remains a four-of in Standard decks. Ghor-Clan Rampager is either a solid attacker or a game-ending pump spell.

Esper Spirits

Obzedat, Ghost Council makes its first appearance in Standard as a member of this Spirit tribal deck. The deck relies on fourteen 2-mana spells to manage the board and can start playing its own creatures at 3 mana. Blind Obedience from Gatecrash is a means to slow down and potentially extort opponents.

Cards of Choice

Now let’s take a look at the most-played creatures and removal spells in the Top 16 decks of the tournament.

Creature # Decks Avg Main Avg Side
Huntmaster of the Fells 10 3.9 0.0
Thragtusk 7 3.7 0.0
Vampire Nighthawk 5 2.4 2.0
Boros Reckoner 4 3.8 0.0
Olivia Voldaren 6 2.8 1.0
Restoration Angel 4 3.5 0.0
Deathrite Shaman 4 2.5 2.3
Avacyn's Pilgrim 3 4.0 0.0
Hellrider 3 4.0 0.0
Thundermaw Hellkite 5 1.8 1.0

Huntmaster of the Fells is a popular chap, finding a home in main of ten decks across five different archetypes: the first-place Naya Humans, Naya midrange, all five Jund midrange, both Human Reanimator, and four-color tokens.

Boros Reckoner is making an early name for himself as the go-to aggressive 3-drop. The Minotaur Wizard was in four different archetypes: Boros aggro, mono-red aggro, the eleventh-place Naya Humans, and Naya Midrange.

Removal # Decks Avg Main Avg Side
Pillar of Flame 10 2.6 1.9
Searing Spear 8 3.1 4.0
Bonfire of the Damned 8 2.3 1.8
Abrupt Decay 6 1.8 2.0
Liliana of the Veil 5 2.2 1.3
Ultimate Price 5 2.0 1.0
Ray of Revelation 5 0.0 2.0
Mizzium Mortars 5 1.3 3.0
Devour Flesh 4 1.7 2.0

Ten decks played Pillar of Flame, including all five Jund midrange decks, both Naya Humans, mono-red aggro, Boros aggro, and R/W/U Flash. Zombie terror has died down, and we see a near even split between the main and side for the card. If Human Reanimator picks up steam, Pillar may swing back to the main deck to exile Huntmaster of the Fells and Cartel Aristocrat.

Devour Flesh is the first Gatecrash removal card to make the most-played list. Two Jund decks played two and one in the main, respectively, Esper Spirits went with a two-and-two split between main and side, and four-color tokens included two in the side. The card is a 2-mana, instant-speed answer to the hexproof creatures in the Bant Auras deck. The life-gain is a pretty minimal downside in the case of Invisible Stalker and Geist of Saint Traft.

Five decks included Ray of Revelation in their sideboards: both Human Reanimator, the first-place Naya Humans, four-color tokens, and Naya midrange. It helps mitigate the damage output of the Bant Auras deck but is also critical for the Human Reanimator decks to remove Rest in Peace (ten copies in the Top 16).

The MTG Standard Metagame

The following graphs track the deck archetypes with the most top sixteen finishes at major Standard tournaments. The top graph shows results in the last month, and the bottom shows results since Return to Ravnica rotated into the format in October of 2012.

Five finishes in the Top 16 of SCG Open: Atlanta has vaulted Jund midrange into the top spot in both the last month and the Standard season. Here’s a look at the ups and downs of the archetype since rotation.

By the Numbers: Gatecrash in Atlanta

Here are the Gatecrash cards that saw play in the SCG Open: Atlanta Top 16:

Card # Copies # Decks Archetypes
Stomping Ground 38 11 Four-color tokens, Human Reanimator, Jund aggro, Jund midrange, Naya Humans
Sacred Foundry 18 8 Four-color tokens, Boros aggro, Human Reanimator, Naya Humans, Naya midrange, R/W/U Flash
Boros Reckoner 15 4 Boros aggro, mono-red aggro, Naya Humans, Naya midrange
Skullcrack 13 4 Boros aggro, Jund aggro, mono-red aggro, Naya Humans
Boros Charm 10 3 Boros aggro, Naya Humans
Devour Flesh 9 4 Four-color tokens, Esper Spirits, Jund midrange
Cartel Aristocrat 8 2 Human Reanimator
Frontline Medic 5 2 Naya Humans
Godless Shrine 5 4 Four-color tokens, Esper Spirits, Human Reanimator
Burning-Tree Emissary 4 1 Naya Humans
Experiment One 4 1 Jund aggro
Ghor-Clan Rampager 4 1 Jund aggro
Blind Obedience 3 1 Esper Spirits
Obzedat, Ghost Council 3 1 Esper Spirits
Orzhov Charm 3 1 Esper Spirits
Domri Rade 2 1 Naya midrange
Glaring Spotlight 2 1 Jund midrange
Gruul Charm 2 1 Jund aggro
Watery Grave 2 1 Esper Spirits
Aurelia, the Warleader 1 1 Naya midrange
Aurelia's Fury 1 1 Four-color tokens

What Do You Think? SCG Open: Edison

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Which Gatecrash card will see the most copies played in the Top 16 decks of SCG Open: Edison?

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Speaking of polls, two weeks ago in my article Standard in Dallas, I posed a question: “What deck will win SCG Open: Atlanta?” Here are the results:

The Close

That wraps up this week’s column. Join me next week when I review the results of SCG Open: Edison and the Standard metagame. Thanks for reading!

Nick Vigabool

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