The Magic Studio #8: Marshall Sutcliffe

This is The Magic Studio with your host Robert Martin, the interview podcast with the best in Magic: The Gathering. I'd like to thank—where you can find this show and some of the best articles in Magic—and Our guest this week is Marshall Sutcliffe.

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0:00 – 0:37 – Intro to the show

0:37 – 5:39 – How did you go from one time in the booth at Grand Prix: Austin to a commentary position with Wizards of the Coast?

5:39 – 10:30 – How much preparation is there for you in the booth for a Pro Tour?

10:30 – 12:02 – Let’s talk about why having someone like Rich Hagon—who is prepared in the booth—is such a help for coverage.

12:02 – 14:33 – Why has the WotC coverage team expanded how they communicate during events? Is this something you started?

14:33 – 18:22 – How do you keep yourself energized for the entire Pro Tour during coverage?

18:22 – 22:42 – We discuss the Jon Finkel Draft-viewer observation from the host point of view and give a great answer to why it worked so well!

22:42 – 27:30 – On the topic of the Limited segments in Pro Tour events you host, what player demographic is that segment targeting?

27:30 – 32:07 – What is next for you with WotC?

32:07 – To End – How difficult of a decision was it for you to quit your job?