The Magic Studio #3: Brad Nelson

This is The Magic Studio, the interview podcast with the best in Magic: The Gathering. I'd like to thank—where you can find this show and some of the best articles in Magic—and Our guest this week is Brad Nelson.

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0:00 – 0:15 – Intro
0:15 – 2:06 – How has the move from North Dakota to Roanoke changed you as a player and as a person?
2:06 – 3:07 – You work with Evan—will this lead to you one day doing The Magic Show?
3:07 – 4:11 –When you do set reviews, how hard is to do good content after five or more hours of card review?
4:11 – 4:57 – Do you go over cards you disagree on when do a review?
4:57 – 5:45 – Is any of your review edited out? And do you get the “dad look” from Evan because of it?
5:45 – 6:45 – You do Above the Curve. Who thought of the show?
6:45 – 7:39 - When you and Gerry look at a deck on the show, you both can find different angles on it, which makes for great debate.
7:39 – 8:45 – You talked about your schedule being limited due to your desire to play Standard; have you planned out your 2013 schedule?
8:45 – 10:43 – Do you feel this kind of approach to Magic will be beneficial in the long run?
10:43 – 11:44 – How important is it that you, as employee of StarCityGames, make many appearances at events on the east coast?
11:44 – 12:59 – How fun is it for you to do coverage?
12:59 – 14:17 – Why did you miss the last SCG Invitational?
14:17 –15:33 – You seem to be having more fun with Magic. (This topic was brought up because he wasn’t having as much fun with Magic when we last interviewed.)
15:33 – 17:17 – Does having an outgoing personality at events interfere with what you do at events?
17:17 – 19:30 – Is there anything more you can do in the community?
19:30 –End – What are you goals for Magic this year?

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