Top 100 Cards in August

Using our partnerships with card vendors, and our own internal analysis tools, we're excited to present our list for the 100 hottest cards in August. This is a work in progress, and a few of the cards may surprise you as they don't seem to be top tier cards. Currently our algorithms are based on sales, interest (link clicks etc) and other secret variables. Definitely check out the list below!

1Graven CairnsR
2Mark of AsylumR
3Telemin PerformanceR
4Creakwood LiegeR
5Knight of the ReliquaryR
7Talara's BattalionR
9Immaculate MagistrateR
10Crucible of FireR
11Oblivion RingC
12Elsewhere FlaskC
13Slave of BolasU
14Jhessian InfiltratorU
15Qasali AmbusherU
16Prison TermU
17Kulrath KnightU
18Elvish ArchdruidR
19Boon ReflectionR
21Mind ShatterR
22Sigil of the Empty ThroneR
23Zealous PersecutionU
24Heritage DruidU
25Gemhide SliverC
26Mold AdderU
27Cradle of VitalityR
28Knight of MeadowgrainU
29Chameleon ColossusR
30Necromancer's CovenantR
31Intimidation BoltU
32Extractor DemonR
33Kitchen FinksU
34Merrow CommerceU
35Makeshift MannequinU
36Wild RicochetR
37Lorescale CoatlU
38Might of OaksR
39Lightwielder PaladinR
40Spellbound DragonR
41Shelldock IsleR
42Shivan DragonR
43Wolf-Skull ShamanU
44Act of TreasonU
46Master TransmuterR
47Pollen LullabyU
48Rhox War MonkU
49Wizened CennU
51Rise from the GraveU
52Spectral ProcessionU
53Austere CommandR
54Soldier (Token)C
55Leaf-Crowned ElderR
58Drowned CatacombR
59Honor of the PureR
60Great FurnaceC
61Behemoth SledgeU
62Guardian SeraphR
64Rootbound CragR
65Vampire AristocratC
66Sprouting ThrinaxU
67Warp WorldR
69Lich Lord of UnxR
70Boros GarrisonC
71Thistledown LiegeR
72Darksteel IngotC
73Ball LightningR
74Simic Growth ChamberC
75Guttural ResponseU
77Bloodhall OozeR
78Murderous RedcapU
79Merfolk SovereignR
80Rhys the RedeemedR
81Finest HourR
82Goblin OutlanderC
83Jagged-Scar ArchersU
84White KnightU
85Wolf (Token)C
86Serra AngelU
87Great Sable StagR
88Time SieveR
89Merrow ReejereyU
90Mad AuntieR
91Tidehollow ScullerU
92Open the VaultsR
93Agony WarpC
94Wall of ReverenceR
95Gorgon FlailU
96Hearthfire HobgoblinU
97Mayael's AriaR
99Veinfire BorderpostC
100Wren's Run PackmasterR