From the Vault: Relics

Update: This product is confirmed and the full contents have been spoiled here - From the Vault: Relics - Spoiled!

Discovered via a trademark which has been registered by Wizards of the Coast, we now know the third set in the 'From the Vault' series. This title ties closely with the also known future release 'Duel Decks: Phyrexia vs the Coalition' which is tied to a famous battle in Wizards' history, as well as the rumors about the next block being an artifact themed set tying Mirrodin to Phyrexia. Given the lateness of the trademark registration they may not be released near the same time, but it would seem advantageous for Wizards to keep them close together temporally.

We are estimating it will be released in the next 10-11 months given the release cycle of when we knew 'From the Vault: Exiled' to when it was physically released. We may see it tie into GenCon again, given the success that was the promo limited release and then the following public release.

We unfortunately don't know anything beyond the title and even then we can only guess Relics ties to artifacts, though it is possible it will not be composed entirely on artifacts. We'll have to wait and see.