This Week in Magic #8

What a week. I'm truly exhausted from this week. Between staying up late to be among the first to snag the latest tidbits about Jace, the Mind Sculptor, to my fruitless journey to Tampa in efforts to get that piece of Jace, to the general holiday festivities which can exhaust us all so much. I'm beat and ready for a vacation.

This week's spoiler craziness affected my ability to stay on top of my reading this week, as a result this is getting up a few hours late, and I did a bit more skim reading. This means there is a likelihood I have been slightly unfair to articles this week. If it didn't grab my attention, had long paragraphs and suffered from difficult reading then I most likely skipped (not always.) Since most sites will be shutting down for the holidays next week, 'This Week in Magic' will return in the first week of January!

Monday, Dec. 14th

Tuesday, Dec. 15th

Wednesday, Dec. 16th

Thursday, Dec. 17th

Friday, Dec. 18th

Excellent Series of the Week: Gwafa's Bazaar's - Price of Extended

Updates to the Blog List

About a month ago I posted the list of all the Magic sites I trawl in collecting 'This Week in Magic.' It's time for an update to that list. We have some new sites and a handful which I am going to stop following as they seem to have fallen into disuse. The new ones are a collection of both new sites, ones I'm just learning about, and ones I've been overlooking despite having known about them.


Death Row - Sites that I am checking but have fallen silent and will likely stop being read in the near future.

Executed - I will still check these sites, but extremely infrequently.

Happy Holidays everyone!