PAX 2012 Photo Diary

The Magic Players Championship may be over, but PAX is just getting started! The highlight of Saturday was definitely the PAX Party, but there were plenty of good times to be had!
Bolas owns Magic. PAX makes this clear.
Drizzt Do'Urden stared into your soul at the D&D booth.
If you like Magic and D&D, you'll definitely love Dungeon Command! Adam Styborski did!
Card Kingdom's booth featured several Magic artists, including Mark Tedin and Anson Maddocks!
Minecraft shared what everyone already knew about Creepers.
Lego and Minecraft made a perfect pair!
The new Wii U controller is seamless with a game like Scribblenaut Unlimited!
Sam Stoddard and Adam Styborski are bros: Magical bros.
The Magic party isn't something to be missed. Adam didn't.
These were drinks to have, but they sure felt like a magical concoction.
If you were Gruul, you could be branded (with an airbrush). (Photo courtesy of Robby Rothe.)
Rakdos cage dancers played their part well. He was very convincing.
We Boros stand united. All other will fall into line.
The PAX party was an absolute success, and members of the media attest!
This is only part of the action from Saturday and PAX isn't over yet!  Check Facebook for more updates throughout the weekend!