Victor Fernando Silva wins Grand Prix Porto Alegre

The finals of Grand Prix Porto Alegre were a scant two life points away from a repeat by Mardu on the weekend. The deck had already dominated Grand Prix Shizuoka with 75% of the Top 8 and a trophy. The Top 8 in Brazil was more diverse, with 3 Four-Color Copycat, 2 Mardu Vehicles, 2 Black-Green decks (one Energy, one Delirium), and a single copy of Temur Tower. It was the most rogue deck, the one based around Dynavolt Tower in the hands of Victor Fernando Silva, that stood in the way of another trophy of Mardu.

Vagner William Casatti won a quick Game One before Silva battled back in the second game. The third game saw Vagner jump out to an early lead and put Victor down to the low single digits. A Kozilek's Return stabilized the board and Longtusk Cub, backed up with countermagic, was able to end the game in short order, giving Victor and his Temur Tower deck the trophy!

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