Altered Reality – Vorosh Time Lapse

Eric emailed me a week ago asking if a time-lapse video of him making an alter was something I would be interested in, and I lunged at the opportunity. Alters are fascinating and seeing it take shape would be awesome. So, here it is—enjoy!
— Trick

It's good to be providing some more content after a brief hiatus following my last article. Today, I’m going to mix it up and show you an alter from start to finish using a time-lapse video. A friend commissioned me to alter his Commander Vorosh, the Hunter into Predator. So without further ado, here it is:

Here's the final:

Vorosh the Predator

I was a bit more painterly with this piece, which is a result of several factors. One, I’m working from several photos I Photoshopped together as opposed to one drawn reference. Two, I made up a lot of the fine details in the body and the entire background. Overall, I’m fairly pleased with the result. It’s always nice to mix up styles. In art, you’re never finished learning. Staying well-versed keeps you sharp.

Again, I’m using my basic carbon-copy technique I outlined here. My lovely fiancé helped me do some rough cuts to shorten the overall time and highlight the most important steps. I hope you enjoyed! As always, leave your comments below or contact me at:

eaklug at gmail dot com
@klug_alters on Twitter