High Voltage

One of my favorite cards out of Kaladesh is Dynavolt Tower. This card is exactly up my alley for a format like Standard. It encourages you to do a whole bunch of nothing and rewards by giving you more time to spin your wheels. Eventually, with enough Towers and cantrips, you can generate enough energy to start killing your opponent, but you’re never going to be in any kind of rush. Dynavolt Tower was reasonably popular during the opening weeks of Standard, but let’s see what the deck looks like now:

Dynavolt Tower
The biggest change here is the swapping of Take Inventory for Anticipate. With Aetherworks Marvel being such a dominant presence in the format, you can’t really afford to play sorcery-speed cantrips, even if they generate cards over the course of a longer game. Instead, you’d rather have an instant-speed cantrip that lets you represent counterspells more consistently.

Beyond that, the deck is largely the same as it was during the first weeks, barring some optimizations in the counterspell suite. The gameplan is still to rely on efficient removal spells and hard counterspells to keep the board under control. Once you have some breathing room, you can take a turn to resolve Dynavolt Tower and take over the game with Torrential Gearhulk and Glimmer of Genius.

It’s key to note all of the removal spells after the first Galvanic Bombardment are capable of hitting Smuggler’s Copter. It’s also worth paying attention to the fact that there are three maindeck Negates to fight both Aetherworks Marvel and Smuggler’s Copter. With a full eight hard counters for Aetherworks Marvel backed up by Torrential Gearhulk, this seems like a great deck to play if you just never want to lose to Marvel, but still want some game against the more aggressive strategies in the format.

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