It’s Magus

In the wake of the Sensei’s Divining Top ban in Legacy, players are exploring all manner of tempo decks now that they can play without fear of Terminus. We’re seeing the return of Temur Delver decks with Tarmogoyfs and Nimble Mongoose. We’re seeing people exploring Death’s Shadow builds. And now, ItIsUnfair is going a step further to find out what Nivmagus Elemental can do in this format:

Nivmagus Elemental
This deck is reminiscent of a Modern deck that we saw around Pro Tour Return to Ravnica. The deck utilized Nivmagus Elemental in conjunction with free spells and Ground Rift to make an enormous Nivmagus Elemental early on in the game. This deck does something similar, but with Flusterstorm as the storm spell of choice instead. This is a huge upgrade, since you can pump Nivmagus Elemental on your opponent’s turn, and you can do it using only excess storm copies of Flusterstorm.

The other key threat in this deck is Thing in the Ice. This card is incredible for turning the corner against Delver of Secrets decks. You get to bounce their board and hit for seven using a threat which is resilient to Lightning Bolt and blocks Nimble Mongoose and early Tarmogoyfs pretty freely.

The last interesting piece of this deck is the inclusion of Erayo, Soratami Ascendant. This comes down relatively slowly, but is a powerful tool if you have to play a longer game. It means you can play largely unimpeded on your own turn, since your opponent would need multiple instants in order to be able to resolve a spell. It also means your opponent needs to have access to enough mana to cast multiple relevant spells in order to make any progress at all, which isn’t guaranteed in mana-light Delver mirrors. Lastly, it substantially improves the value of your own counterspells, since each one is effectively a two-for-one since your opponent has to play into Erayo first.

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