Community Cup Competitor is Finalist to be Frag Doll

MTG Player potentially next Frag Doll

Michelle aka @Sunie_FDC, a competitor in this year's winning Community Cup team, has been announced as a finalist for selection of the latest Frag Doll member. She has been a "Frag Doll Cadet" since Spring 2010. Michelle's entry will be posted on the Frag Doll website on July 28th, with the winner being selected soon after (the final profile goes up on July 29th.)

The Frag Dolls are an all girl gamer team recruited by Ubisoft to promote women in gaming as well as Ubisoft's games. The primary team is in the US, with two other teams existing: England and France.

Below, Michelle competing at the Community Cup at Wizards:

Image courtesy of Wizards of the Coast