This Week in Magic 3/30-4/5


Standard and Block

  • Standardized Metagame — Owen Turtenwald on how Tokens, Zombies, and Burn stack up in the current environment
  • I’ll Take Winning for 100 — Darwin Kastle builds a Standard deck capable of winning for less than a C-note.
  • Delver — Jarvis Yu helps you get to know this dominate archetype on a first-name basis.
  • Delver Fever! — ($SCG) Even Blue Oyster Cult won’t cure Brad Nelson’s not-so-secret obsession.
  • Sideboarding with Delver — Todd Anderson considers the finer points of the fifteen bench players for both the mirror and the rest of the meta.
  • Second Place with BW Tokens in Salt Lake City — Craig Wescoe proves there are other decks in the format with his silver medal finish Salt Lake.
  • Of Standard, Of Block — Josh Silvestri discusses the dominance of WR Humans and considers some more controlling options available in Block.


  • Herberholz’s Revenge— Paul Rietzl’s poor pool had just enough early heat to take down GP Mexico City.
  • DDI #4 — Kyle Boggemes planned to go WG, but ended up with a Werewolf deck that struggled against a deck packed full of rares.

Vintage, Legacy, and Modern

Casual and Variant Formats

  • Snakes on a Plane — Some Commander decks are worth building based solely on their name alone. Sean McKeowan revamps a Seshiro deck.
  • Ten Things Casual Players do that Irk Me — Abe Sargent, king of the kitchen table, makes a royal decree.
  • The Every Deck Project — Sheldon Menery lays out his plans to explore the possibilities for Commander in this comprehensive project.
  • Cube Building 101 — Bradley Steele starts with square one in this introduction to cube design.
  • Nicol Bolas — Mike Morales finds a unique deck list billed as a Grixis Group Hug.


Theory and Miscellany

  • Female Players of Magic — The Daily Dot features Jackie Lee, her success, and the reaction from the misogynistic element of the Magic community.
  • The New IPG and You — Chris Mascioli gets down to brass tacks with his concise overview of the most recent rules revision.
  • Tastes Like Salt — John Dale Beety discusses the void created by the hiatus of Doug Beyer’s Flavor column and then shares his tourney report from Salt Lake.