Magic the Gathering Magazines

During the early era of Magic, there were a number of magazines devoted to Magic the Gathering. They featured many things now found on popular Magic websites, deck lists, strategy, card review, price guides and more. Unfortunately they were quickly put out by the embracing of online outlets for information.


It was created in 1994 as a quarterly magazine by Wizards of the Coast, and later moved to a monthly release schedule. It was part of the origins of the DCI, which originally stood for 'Duelist Convocational International.' It ran for 41 issues before being cancelled, replaced by 'TopDeck' which was almost solely focused on Pokémon.

Scrye Magazine

Founded in 1994, it was canceled in April 2009. It carried on in varying levels over this time and suffered various problems with publication and shipping of issues. It really pioneered the concepts of a price guide for the game as it collected prices from various stores and partners to determine the values of the cards. Many of the popular online writers such as Mike Flores, Pat Chapin, and a number of others have also written for the Scrye at some time in the past.


Founded in April 1995 and ceased publication in Sept. 2007, InQuest started as a Magic focused magazine and then spun out to focus on CCGs in general before expanding to discuss gaming in an even broader context and renaming the magazine to 'InQuest Gamer.' Most notably InQuest spread the idea of an addition of a sixth color, "Purple" to Magic. A concept which was obviously disproved and seems extremely unlikely to ever come to be.