Puzzling Magic #2 – Do the Damage


Deal as much damage as you can on turn two on the play, using only cards from Scars of Mirrodin block.


You may assume that you have perfect luck. You choose all cards you draw, even after shuffling.

Difficulty Levels

Each level requires you to also meet the preceding level’s restrictions.

Level 1 (Easy)
Deal at least 30 damage.

Level 2 (Moderate)
Deal at least 40 damage.

Level 3 (Hard)
Deal at least 50 damage.

Level 4 (Insane)
Deal at least 10 billion damage.

Level 5 (Bonus)
Deal 10 billion damage turn one.

Send your solutions to nex342+puzzle@gmail.com with the subject line “Puzzle - Do The Damage” and I’ll include the best ones in next week’s article, along with the next puzzle!

Good luck!

Solution to Last Week’s Puzzle

Shout-outs go to the following people:

  • Bryan Hockey, for being the first person to send me a solution.
  • Michele Pini, who got the most damage with a sixty-card deck or an infinite combo (about 2.5 billion).
  • Steven Schrag, who got the most damage overall without an infinite combo (about 2.25 × 10^131).

Jennifer Wong’s solution, presented below, was the only solution I got to end with no cards in hand, no mana in the mana pool, and exactly 20 damage dealt:

PlayManaCards in HandArtifacts in Play
Glimpse of Nature050
Myr Enforcer058
Myr Enforcer059
Myr Enforcer0510
Myr Enforcer0511
Mycosynth Golem0512
Brass Herald naming Golem, revealing three Mycosynth Golems and one Forest0813
Mycosynth Golem0814
Mycosynth Golem0815
Mycosynth Golem0816
Chrome Mox exiling Broodstar{U}617
Chrome Mox exiling Broodstar{U}{U}418
Chrome Mox exiling Unnatural Speed{U}{U}{R}219
Unnatural Speed targeting Broodstar0119
Chrome Mox exiling nothing0020
Attack for 20 with Broodstar

Ian Richter’s solution, below, is notable in that it was the only solution I received (including my own) that didn’t use Glimpse of Nature as a draw engine:

PlayManaCards in HandArtifacts in Play
Chrome Mox exiling Glitterfang{R}{R}41
Desperate Ritual{R}{R}{R}31
Seething Song{R}{R}{R}{R}{R}21
Seething Song{R}{R}{R}{R}{R}{R}{R}11
Chromatic Sphere and activate{U}{R}{R}{R}{R}{R}11
Chromatic Sphere and activate{U}{U}{R}{R}{R}11
Heed the Mists revealing Blinkmoth Infusion0141
Chrome Mox exiling Glitterfang{R}122
Chrome Mox exiling Glitterfang{R}{R}102
Desperate Ritual{R}{R}{R}92
Seething Song{R}{R}{R}{R}{R}92
Krark-Clan Ironworks{R}83
Myr Moonvessel and sacrifice373
Myr Moonvessel and sacrifice563
Myr Moonvessel and sacrifice753
Myr Moonvessel and sacrifice943
Sacrifice Chrome Mox1142
Sacrifice Chrome Mox1341
Myr Incubator and activate, removing 35 artifacts1336
Sacrifice three Myr tokens7333
Chromatic Sphere and activate{5}{U}333
Chromatic Sphere and activate{3}{U}{U}333
Lightning Greaves1134
Equip Lightning Greaves to Broodstar1134
Attack for 34

Update: - Added a Level 5 challenge to this week's puzzle