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Jim Casale
Mark Wischkaemper
Morgan Wentworth
Ant Tessitore
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Mike Linnemann
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Did You Know Magic
Inside the Deck
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Kyle Boggemes
Ali Aintrazi
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The Girlfriend Bracket
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Hallie Santo
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Snack Time with Mike and Ant
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Usman Jamil

The above schedule is a rough timeline of when each writer publishes posts on our website, there will be deviations from time to time.

Active Writers

Abe Sargent

Abe Sargent has been playing Magic since The Dark, and is regularly found shuffling his two-thousand-card-plus Highlander deck "Abe’s Deck of Happiness and Joy." Over the years he has written for numerous Magic websites and publications, including StarCityGames, Scrye, Pojo and Beckett Magic.

A. E. Marling

"A.E. Marling qualified as a Level 20 flavor judge through twenty years experience with the game, a written recommendation from Grand Arbiter Augustin IV, and a perfected sneer. A.E. Marling is also a Vorthos writer and fantasy novelist. Follow him on Twitter, or the kitty gets it: @AEMarling

Ali Aintrazi

Ali Aintrazi has been around Magic for a very long time. He's a professional magic player with multiple SCG Open wins, a SCG Invitational win (He has his own angel token now), he's played in the Player's Championship and he was the last player to win US Nationals making him our "forever national champion." Ali is known for his innovative decks. He finds and plays the cards that others look over. He is the creator of such decks as "Five color Door Control", "Naya Dragons", "Turbolands ", "Loam Pox", "Sanity Grinding" "UB Heartless Summoning", "Grand Architect Control" and many more. If it's insight into exciting new decks/cards or just deck building in general, Ali will have you covered. Ali is also a co-host of the podcast, Freshly Brewed, with Frank Lepore, where they talk about all things Magic with fun banter inbetween. When Ali is not playing Magic he is spending time with his family, attending college, or walking his Dragonite on Pokemon Go.

Andrew Boswell

Andrew is a talented player with Top 8s in Standard, Modern and Legacy. He is most known for Aggressive Decks but his top performances include combo and midrange/control strategies. He started playing in the 90s with current R&D member, Ian Duke, and credits his knowledge to the "Duke School of Magic." Based out of New York, Andrew gets to rub shoulders with some all-time-greats like Reid Duke and John Finkel. When he isn't slinging spells he runs a pottery studio in Sugar Loaf, NY.

Andrew Jessup

After beginning playing Magic in 2012, NY native, Andrew Jessup, immersed himself into tournament Magic in order to fulfill a competitive void once occupied by sports. Fueled by an unparalleled desire to win and improve, Andrew has become a perennial fixture in SCG’s top 16 ranked players.Andrew has seen success across all constructed formats with a variety of decks, but has a strong preference for piloting synergy based decks.

Ant Tessitore

Creative names and flavor text writer for Wizards of the Coast, Ant is an avid gamer, writer and artist who has been collecting Magic since Ice Age. Finally learning the game in the early 2000’s he has since piloted his wacky decks against those brave enough to face him on the fields of battle. A Vorthos to his core, Ant spends his time brewing flavorful decks, writing about Magic and painting alterations on his favorite cards.

Ben Friedman

Ben Friedman is a long-time professional player, with six years of Pro Tour experience and nearly 150 lifetime Pro Points. Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, he's had success in numerous formats to the tune of three Grand Prix Top 8s, two Pro Tour Top 16s, and numerous high finishes at StarCityGames Opens and Invitationals. He's taking a last great stand to try and put together a string of strong tournament finishes and show that he's got what it takes to be among the best in the game, and he wants to share his journey and the wisdom he gains along the way with you! Outside of Magic, you can find Ben listening to country music, heading to the gym, brewing up ridiculous business ideas with his friends, or being funny on Facebook (depending on the day). Sometimes all four at the same time!

Brandon Isleib

A veteran of casual Magic, Brandon was the first Digital Event Coordinator for Magic Online. Before that, he contributed card names and flavor text for Magic 2015 and earned a Pro Point from Grand Prix Seattle in 2012. He's written a book on communication and contributed to five books on baseball. He is currently a Legislation Editor for the City of Seattle and proficient at making his bio sound more impressive than it is.

Cary Thomas Barkett

Cary Thomas Barkett is a writer, prop maker and dedicated plane archivist who loves Magic story. Theories about flavor, plots and settings endlessly clutter their mind while artifacts and art supplies physically clutter their room.

Chris Henderson

Chris has played Magic since Eighth Edition, and competitively since Alara Reborn. A Limited enthusiast, Chris plays Sealed and Draft regularly, both at local events and on Magic Online. He also enjoys Cube drafting and playing Commander with his friends.

Did You Know Magic

Did You Know Magic is a weekly video series featuring interesting facts about the game from it's most well-known figures.

Ed Grabianowski

Ed is a freelance writer. You'll find him covering tabletop games at io9, along with recent articles in Apex and Clarkesworld magazines. His fiction has appeared in Black Static, Shanna Germain's Geek Love anthology, and at David Wellington's Fear Project.

Hallie Santo

Hallie Santo relocated from New York to Seattle in 2012, and learned to play Magic in order to meet people. Within six months the competitive bug bit her and she has been grinding PTQs ever since. When she isn’t competing or mentoring newer players, Hallie enjoys reading Russian novels, collecting vinyl records, and spending time with her Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Kirby. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram as @halcansan.

Inside the Deck

Inside the Deck is a weekly video series produced by Rich Castle. Its signature is extremely high-quality production, mixed with sharp editing, of interviews, decks, and Magic culture in a documentary style.

Jarvis Yu

Jarvis has been playing Magic on and off since Revised. In 2006 he started to play Magic Online regularly. He qualified for his first Pro Tour (Pro Tour Paris 2011) playing a Scars of Mirrodin Limited PTQ. Since then, he's qualified for nine Pro Tours and won Grand Prix Seattle Tacoma playing 35 Red Green Lands in 2015. Jarvis enjoys deep card pools for Constructed (such as Legacy).

Jason Alt

Jason is a PTQ grinder turned value trader and eBay merchant living in Michigan. He has been playing Magic since 1996, and playing Magic well since 2004. You can hear him as a member of the Brainstorm Brewery podcast, and catch him at most events in the Midwest. Jason is also a regular contributor to Blog.MTGPrice.com and Cat Fancy magazine.

Jay Kirkman

Jay Kirkman started playing with Limited Edition Alpha, but took pauses from the game throughout its 20 year run. Most recently he turned to preconstructed decks, falling in love with them and has never looked back. He runs the preconstructed deck review site Ertai’s Lament, where he’s written the equivalent of over fourteen books- all on preconstructed Magic! Jay lives in Kentucky with his patient wife and four amazing kids. A healthcare consultant by day, when not playing Magic he’s following Glasgow Celtic and Louisville City FC, running a soccer supporters group, blogging and podcasting on soccer, and advocating for reform of the American soccer landscape.

Jim Casale

Jim Casale is a software developer, aspiring Magic Grinder and Finance writer. He grew up in New York City and has been slinging spells since 2000. He currently resides in Orlando, Florida. If you follow him on Twitter, @Phrost_, you will get a daily dose of Magic, Hockey, and video games as well as the odd programming joke.

Kevin Crimin

Kevin Crimin is a Magic: The Gathering YouTube commentator living in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is passionate about all things deck building, whether it's tuning the latest tournament decks, researching budget decks for new players, or concocting the next "rogue deck" to surprise his opponents with. He qualified for Pro Tour Dragon's Maze with his budget "Soul Sisters" Modern deck, and is excited to play in his first Pro Tour. You can also check out his channel.

Kyle Boggemes

Kyle Boggemes is a professional player with multiple Grand Prix top 8s, including a victory at Cincinnati in 2014, and standing with more than 110 lifetime Pro Points with career best Top 8 at 2010's Pro Tour San Diego. He's a Financial Analyst at Barracuda Networks, plays locally at Get Your Game On in Ann Arbor, MI, and is sponsored by R.I.W Hobbies.

Mark Wischkaemper

Mark Wischkaemper has been playing Magic: The Gathering since he was 13 – which gives away his age, because the Unlimited Force of Nature is framed with his cards. He loves playing Commander and building new decks, especially with themes and limitations. In order to afford his hobby, he’s a professional musician and personal trainer in Austin, TX, where he lives with his wife and three silly dogs.

Mike Linnemann

Mike Linnemann is a writer by trade, formerly writing flavor text for the Magic creative team and directing art at Fantasy Flight Games with their LCG lines. He's a resident Vorthos, covering art, storyline and working in the industry.

MJ Scott

A close personal friend of Nicol Bolas since Conflux, MJ Scott spends her nights writing flavor text and Magic fan fiction. She sometimes indulges in the occasional recreational planeswalk. Her fulltime job as the proud brood mother of two young male dragons keeps her busy, but in her free time MJ enjoys playing Modern, painting card alters, cosplaying, and fraternizing with artificers.

Morgan Wentworth

Morgan Wentworth started playing Magic with Lorwyn. She broadcasts drafts on and off on her Twitch and on Youtube channels, and has written articles about Commander, her true format love. She is currently a Level 2 Judge and her first ever pick in a draft was a foil Scourge of Geier Reach. To be fair it was between an anonymous rare and a foil, and the foil was extremely pretty.

Sam Keeper

Sam Keeper is a professional overthinker who has been following the storyline of Magic since the Invasion. Sam runs the media analysis blog Storming the Ivory Tower and can be found on Twitter, G+, and Tumblr.

Sean Uy

Sean is a digital designer, web developer, writer, math hobbyist, and puzzle maker. A Magic player since the days of Homelands, he likes using the game to teach concepts of logic and probability, and looks for new ways to use old cards. Even more puzzles are available in his archive on <Perplexing Chimera.

Snack Time with Mike and Ant

Snack Time with Mike and Ant was created in October 2014 to be a podcast focused on content meant specifically for Vorthos. If you are a Magic: The Gathering player who enjoys the storyline, art and overall flavor of the game, congratulations: You are a Vorthos and this podcast is for you. We will discuss a wide range of topics, covering everything creative and artistic behind the makings of Magic. Whether that discussion is involving art, flavor text, or or the metaphysical laws governing a distant plane is for you to find out. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a nice slice of flavor to fill your earholes.

Steve Horton

Steve Horton is an actual professional comic book writer whose next project, Satellite Falling, is out in 2016 from IDW Publishing. He's also an aspiring professional Magic player and lives 40 miles from Gen Con with his wife, three kids and a really fat, old beagle.

The Girlfriend Bracket

The Girlfriend Bracket was started in March 2015 by four female Magic: The Gathering players who were disappointed by the lack of content created by women. Erin, Hallie, Katie, and Kriz decided to start their own show where they could share experiences and sound off on the topics that matter. Tune in each week for a mix of serious discussion, memorable stories, and of course, a few laughs.

Usman Jamil

Usman Jamil has been playing Magic since Revised and has been cubing since Lorwyn. Before focusing primarily on cube, his main Magic interest was Limited, primarily Draft. He writes often about cube design and holistic archetype analysis. Previously, he has written for other websites such as StarCityGames and Quiet Speculation.

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