Top 10 re-jank-ulous Multiplayer Cards

Ahh good ol' Multiplayer.  The maker of kings.  If you haven't ever tried it (or don't have any Magic playing friends) I order you to drop everything, find some people and try it.  Some of the best Magic moments in my career have occurred in multiplayer.  Any time you get a group of competitive friends together to play a game like Magic you'll need to lay down some gentleman's rules.  Often, making a deck that is completely focused on multiplayer is looked down upon.     Anyone can make a multi-centric deck of cards with phrases like "each opponent" and "all creatures".  Decide first if your group frowns upon stacking for multiplayer.

We have touched on the subject of multiplayer many times here at Gathering Magic so I won't bore you with the ins and outs of the format.  There are a couple of important facts that need to be considered when choosing the Top 10 Multiplayer cards ever.  You want cards that are either huge threats, or huge deterrents.   One could argue that threats that sail under the radar are also helpful but I'm going to assume that you play in a group that understands what the real threats are.  Higher mana costs are okay because the game will surely break the 10th turn mark.  You also want to choose cards that are hard to get rid of.  No one likes wasting a card/turn/removal spell if they don't have to.  Alright, most of you have already skipped to the list of cards anyway so I'll stop yacking and get right to it.  Herer are the best Multiplayer cards EVAR!

decreeofpain10. Wrath/Decree of Pain/Damnation etc. - No multiplayer list would be complete without the wipes.  There really is no substitute for a good Wrath in a multiplayer game.  Players tend to build up armies, camp out and wait for people to start twitching.  If you're the lucky one that gets jumped by five guys at the same time first, you're going to want a powerful spell like DoP to turn the tables (assuming you live to see another turn).  Boring entry, I know, but it needed to be mentioned.

9. Auriok Champion - Healing isn't a big deal in multiplayer because deaths usually come in the form of 25 damage at a time.  But a card like this gets a spot on the list because, if played early, it can gain you tons of  life when something like Hostility or Spectral Procession rolls around (times 4 other players).  Its also an amazing wall against two very powerful colors.  Throw an Armored Ascension on her later in the game and surprise everyone with a 10/10 protection from red and black baddie.

blatantthievery8. Blatant Thievery - Need some permanents?  How about 4+ permanents of your choice?  This is a great way to turn the tables at the end of a long game where life totals are low and tensions are high.  Prepare for some major aggro after casting this sorcery.  Be ready to kill most everyone.  Luckily, you'll probably have the right permanents to do it.  Need some off color planeswalkers anyone?

7. Propaganda and Windborn Muse - Deterrents are underrated.  In multiplayer, taking that extra 6-8 damage at the beginning of the game can make all the difference.  What are the chances of someone pot shotting you with that forest walking 2/1 at the beginning of the game if they have to pay two extra mana to do it?  Getting swarmed by tokens?  They'd better have a crapload of mana to do it.  Such a deterrent that it should be considered a real threat.

6. Dread - The embodiment of both a gigantic threat and a nasty deterrent.  Who wants to blow their proverbial load on someone who will destroy all of their creatures after the smoke clears?  No one, that's who.  Until then, knock fools around with a 6/6 fear while you wait for them to remove it.  Oh you finally want to kill him?  I'll just shuffle him back in to my library.  Catch you later!  A bit expensive for a normal duel but he'll (I think its a he?) be the talk of the town in a multiplayer game.

5. Confusion in the Ranks - Want to add a little confusion to your games? (as if 5-way multi isn't confusing enough..)  Throw this baby in there and watch the sparks fly.  The best time to throw this out is when your opponents have huge creatures or artifacts out there that you'd love to have.  Follow it up with a couple of cheap creatures or artifacts yourself and roll up on your buddies with their own permanents.  Make sure you're playing with different colored sleeves because the commotion is about to get redonkulous.

thievesauction4. Thieves Auction - This might seem like a desperate, last minute grasp for a win.  But in a red burn deck the advantage goes 100% to you.  Play this when you have only lands in play and everyone else has armies of creatures.  Take some of those creatures for yourself and you'll lose almost nothing.   Tons of fun yet a powerful advantage for you at the same time.  Just make sure you grab some mountains before everyone else does!

3. Wheel of Fate - An extremely powerful card that will almost surely go off.  For a red deck, card advantage is everything and getting 7 new cards late in the game might just give you enough firepower to kill everyone on the board (or come damn close).  Most players will let this card go because they think they'll want the new hand as well.  Little do they realize, you might just be drawing 16+ damage in your new hand.  A crowd-pleaser and catalyst for those slower games.

spiritmirror2. Spirit Mirror + Unnatural Selection - Okay, so this is more of a combo than a card but seriously.  Of course you could play Plague Wind or find some other way to destroy all creatures you don't control.  But how about having that ability for the rest of the game?  This combo was fairly popular in standard back in the day but imagine the possibilities in multi.  Combo this with any number of creature type changing cards or simply destroy any changeling that looks at you funny.  Having a 2/2 token out every turn is also nice.  Your opponents had better be playing some removal or this game is probably over.

1. Kokusho, the Evening Star - As with any list, there will inevitably be much crying and gnashing of teeth over the eventual "#1".  But for me, a card like this is practical, powerful and replayable.  For six mana you get a 5/5 flier.  But the potential 40+ life total swing is where this multiplayer beauty really shines.  God forbid you Mannequin, Raise Dead or simply put another one out.  Id recommend dropping this towards the end of the game for maximum effect.  The beauty here is that, while it definitely makes you a target, its not something people want to get rid of because of the ability.   If life totals are low, it might not even be possible for them to get rid of it. If all else fails you can just kill it yourself.  

Honorable Mentions:

Acidic Soil
Lethal Vapors

Reverse the Sands
Cabal Conditioning


Thrashing Wumpus/Pestilence/Pyrohemia